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Whether you already have an established career as a designer or want to start dabbling as one to flex your skills as a creative, most employers agree: Being proficient in Adobe is a base requirement. Specifically, knowing how to leverage Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is a must, whether you’re developing graphics for a website, building out a logo for a business or custom-printing your own work to sell.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs trashes Flash in devastatingly blunt open letter


Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs trashes Adobe Flash in an open letter titled
Steve Jobs really didn't care for Flash.
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April 29: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs pens letter to Flash April 29, 2010: Steve Jobs pens “Thoughts on Flash,” an open letter to explain why, basically, Adobe Flash kind of sucks. The letter marks the beginning of the end for the once-omnipresent plugin that powered internet browsers for years.

Following the devastatingly blunt broadside, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen hits back at Apple, arguing against Jobs’ complaints. But the Apple CEO has clearly made his mind up: iOS devices will never support Flash. The writing is on the wall.

Adobe co-founder Chuck Geschke passes away at 81


Truly a pioneer in computing history.
Photo: Carnegie Mellon

Adobe co-founder Charles “Chuck” Geschke passed away Friday at the age of 81, Adobe has confirmed. During his career, Geschke oversaw Adobe’s operations as it released game-changing innovations include Photoshop, along with ubiquitous file formats such as PDF.

Adobe’s history has long been entwined with Apple — including a $2.5 million investment from Apple in 1985 that led to the creation of a PostScript controller for the Apple LaserWriter.

Adobe bundles 3 pro iPad apps into half-price subscription


Adobe Design Mobile Bundle includes Illustrator and Photoshop for iPad. And more.
Design like a pro and save a bundle with a collection of Adobe creative apps for iPad.
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The new Adobe Design Mobile Bundle combines professional-grade iPad apps for photo editing, graphic design and social media into a single subscription. And the subscription cost is 50% below the software collection’s previous price.

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Cyber Tuesday, Resume-Boosting Courses: Make yourself more marketable with these online courses, all at big savings.
Take your nerd factor up a notch with these online courses, all at big savings.
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Artists, grab your Pencils! Adobe Illustrator for iPad is out.


Adobe Illustrator for iPad will debut in late October 2020
Adobe Illustrator for iPad will let artists draw with an Apple Pencil.
Photo: Adobe

The wait is over for the iPad version of the Adobe Illustrator. After many years as a Mac application, this professional drawing tool launched Tuesday in the iPadOS App Store.

In addition, Adobe introduced an iPhone version of Fresco, the company’s drawing and painting application previously out for iPad.

Artists rejoice: Adobe Illustrator for iPad launches in October


Adobe Illustrator for iPad will debut in late October 2020
Adobe Illustrator for iPad will let artists draw with an Apple Pencil.
Photo: Adobe

An iPad version of the Adobe Illustrator professional drawing tool is scheduled to launch next month. The desktop vector graphic design app has been “reimagined” for iPad, according to Adobe.

The application is available for pre-order starting on Wednesday.

Photoshop on iPad takes a big step toward desktop parity


Photoshop on iPad takes a big step toward desktop parity.
The Refine Edge Brush jumped from desktop to Photoshop on iPad on Monday.
Photo: Adobe/Cult of Mac

Adobe added Refine Edge Brush to Photoshop on iPad on Monday. Already a major feature of the desktop version, it allows users to select the edges of subjects covered in hair or fur, or with other very complex shapes.

In addition, the iPadOS version of this professional image-editing application can now easily rotate the canvas while editing.

Adobe Aero augmented reality creation tool goes multisensory with spatial audio


An AR experience created by Naima Almeida with Adobe Aero.
Designer Naima Almeida used Adobe Aero to design an imaginary interactive garden with integrated spatial sound effects.
Screenshot: Naima Almeida

Artists can use an iPad or iPhone to create augmented reality experiences with Adobe Aero. And today the software added support for embedding audio into AR experiences. It’s now possible to add sound effects to virtual objects overlaid on the real world by this app.

Aero is free, and is intended for creatives not coders.