Artists rejoice: Adobe Illustrator for iPad launches in October

Artists rejoice: Adobe Illustrator for iPad launches in October


Adobe Illustrator for iPad will debut in late October 2020
Adobe Illustrator for iPad will let artists draw with an Apple Pencil.
Photo: Adobe

An iPad version of the Adobe Illustrator professional drawing tool is scheduled to launch next month. The desktop vector graphic design app has been “reimagined” for iPad, according to Adobe.

The application is available for pre-order starting on Wednesday.

Adobe Illustrator on the iPad is all about the Apple Pencil

The Mac version of this software is controlled with a mouse/trackpad, but the tablet version has another option. “Illustrator on the iPad works intuitively with your Apple Pencil so you can create stunning graphics anywhere you happen to be,“ promises its developer.

Adobe further says users will:

“Design with precision, as naturally as you would with pen and paper. Create lines, shapes, type, gradients, and effects. Merge or cut graphics with quick Pencil gestures to remove unwanted areas. Make your graphics pop with all new effects such as point gradients, radial repeats, patterns, and symmetry.”

Files created in a tablet are available on the desktop version of Illustrator. Or in Photoshop or Fresco. Everything is synced to the cloud.

Adobe produced a video to demonstrate the capabilities of its upcoming application:

At the same time, Adobe is being careful to manage expectations. It was roundly criticized in 2019 after the initial version of Photoshop for iPad had a minimal set of features. So the company says of this upcoming application, “we’re just getting started. Illustrator on the iPad will keep evolving, so stay tuned for new features.“

Also, this software is free to Adobe Creative Cloud members who have a plan that includes the desktop version.

Preorder today

Adobe Illustrator on the iPad will debut October 21, 2020. And it can be preordered now. Anyone who preorders will get the software a day early.

It’ll be free to download, but this application is usable only as part of a subscription package from Adobe. It’s not available for a one-time fee.