Sound Step Lightning: An Electrifying Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]



In our multi-device, multi-user, multi-tasking world, you need a speaker that lets you control the music right from the palm of your hand, helping you discover, share and enjoy new sounds on the daily. Cult of Mac Deals a speaker that certainly fits the bill.

The Sound Step Lightning is Soundfreaq’s next-generation Bluetooth speaker. Featuring a dock for Apple’s Lightning 8-pin connector (on iPhone 5/5S), Bluetooth connectivity, USB audio and line-in playing – it gives you audio playback versatility. and it can be yours for only $99 – a savings of 23% – through Cult of Mac Deals.

Get Amazing Sound And Design With The Soundfreaq Sound Step Speaker [Deals]



Compact Bluetooth speakers are one of the most useful electronic inventions since the MP3 player. Though smaller, more portable speakers are great on the go, but they lack the power often needed around the house or in the backyard. Cult of Mac Deals has a special edition Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t just sound great…it looks great, too.

Freaq n’ Fabulous is a re-envisioned version of Soundfreaq’s highly-praised, compact Bluetooth speaker, the Sound Step. This hi-fi speaker delivers crystal clear audio with its signature sound profile, crafted for natural bass response and vocal clarity. And you can get it for only $99 – 34% off the regular price – during this limited time offer from Cult of Mac Deals.

Get Award-Winning Sound With The Sound Stack Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]


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If there’s anything today’s Bluetooth speakers desperately need – it’s more bass. Too many of them sound too trebly, which often translates to too tinny. That’s not cool. Thankfully, the guys at Soundfreaq have brought back the beat with Sound Stack – a true audiophile’s dream.

With enhanced Bluetooth, docking for 30-pin connected iDevices and innovative audio enhancements, the Sound Stack speaker is a powerhouse. Fill any room with full, accurate sound thanks to Soundfreaq’s proprietary DubSub™ system, a unique 2.2 speaker configuration that pairs two Kevlar-reinforced drivers and two active subwoofers. Combine that with a tuned, triple-ported housing and their UQ3™ spatial sound enhancement technology and you’ve got an acoustic force to be reckoned with.

And Cult of Mac Deals has the Sound Stack for just XXX during this limited time offer — including free shipping!