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EU’s Digital Markets Act takes step toward forcing huge changes to iPhone


The European Union takes another step toward rough regulations on tech giants like Apple.
The European Union takes another step toward tough regulations on tech giants like Apple.
Photo: Freestocks.org

The European Parliament passed the landmark Digital Markets Act on Tuesday. The legislation aims to outlaw many common practices of Big Tech companies, especially Apple, Google and Amazon.

For iPhone users, the DMA would force Apple to allow rival app stores and sideloaded applications. And these are only two of many significant changes in the act.

There are still further steps the the EU government must go through before the DMA goes into effect, but that’s expected to happen before the end of 2022.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs visits the Soviet Union


Soviet Apple flag
This was Steve Jobs' one and only trip to the Soviet Union.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

July 4: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs visits the Soviet Union July 4, 1985: Steve Jobs visits Moscow for the first time, with the aim of selling Macs to the Russians.

During his two-day trip, Jobs lectures computer science students in the Soviet Union, attends a Fourth of July party at the American embassy and discusses opening a Mac factory in Russia. He also reportedly almost runs afoul of the KGB by praising assassinated Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

Make your furry friend findable with an AirTag cat collar [Review] ★★★★


Nine Twenty Eight Leather Apple AirTag Cat Collar review★★★★
It's much easier to locate a missing cat if she's wearing a cat collar with an AirTag.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Leather Apple AirTag Cat Collar from Nine Twenty Eight gives you some peace of mind that you’ll be able to find your pet if she ever sneaks outside your home. And it’s well-made and looks good, whatever color you choose.

I tried the tracking collar on my own fuzzy friend. Here’s what it’s like in real-world use.

Today in Apple history: End of the line for Power Mac G4 Cube


Mac G4 Cube
Apple announced it was putting the G4 Cube "on ice."
Photo: Apple

July 3: Today in Apple history: Apple stops making Power Mac G4 Cube July 3, 2001: Apple suspends production of its Power Mac G4 Cube, one of the most notable busts in Apple history — and the first major flop following Steve Jobs’ glorious return to the company.

Although Apple leaves the door open to possibly reintroducing the remarkably clear G4 Cube at a later date, this never happens. The stylish computer is superseded by Apple’s upgrade to G5 processors and then to Intel Core-based Macs.

Scale your graphic design process with a few clicks


Create stunning graphics from your iPhone with Robolly.
Scale your marketing materials from the comfort of your iPhone with Robolly.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you only have a few clients, designing and sending handmade marketing materials is no problem. However, your time gets eaten as you scale upward, no matter how many productivity apps you have on your Mac. If you want to produce quality assets at scale, Robolly might be worth a try. This graphics automation program can produce personalized content in a few clicks, and it’s on sale.

For a limited time, the base and Professional plans are $29 (regularly $1,200) and $79 (regularly $2,400). Plus, during our Fourth of July Sale, you can get 20% off the Business and Power User Plans, which are only $119.20 (regularly $3,600) and $159.20 (regularly $4,800) with code JULY20.

Build iPhone apps in a fraction of the time with this dev tool


Build your own library of reusable code with this app dev tool.
Convert sketch files to mobile code and develop iOS apps faster.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s something satisfying about being able to reuse some of your old design components. It’s like a gift from your past self. In that regard, Monday Hero Pro is the gift that keeps on giving. With this refined dev tool, you can save time and convert Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch into mobile code, which could be a gamechanger if you want to make a killing creating apps on the App Store. For a limited time, a Monday Hero Pro Developer Tool two-year subscription is on sale for $79 (Reg. $432).

Today in Apple history: Apple admits Antennagate is a thing


"Antennagate" was a major controversy in Apple history.
Photo: Apple

July 2: Today in Apple history: Apple addresses Antennagate and iPhone 4 reception problems July 2, 2010: Apple opens up about “Antennagate,” addressing iPhone 4 reception problems for the first time publicly.

In a letter to customers, Apple admits to being “surprised when we read reports of reception problems, and … immediately began investigating them.” However, the company’s findings do little to dispel the growing Antennagate controversy.