Today in Apple history: Bill Gates predicts doom for Apple’s biggest product


Unfortunately for Gates, Steve Jobs was one step ahead.
Photo: 60 Minutes

May 12: Today in Apple history: Bill Gates predicts doom for iPod, Apple's biggest product May 12, 2005: Longtime Apple frenemy Bill Gates tells a German newspaper that Apple may have hit it big with the iPod, but that its success isn’t going to last forever.

The reason? Mobile phones are going to steal the iPod’s market share. The good news for Gates is that he was right on the money. The bad news for Microsoft is that Apple cannibalized itself by making the iPhone. And Apple’s smartphone became even more successful than the iPod.

Take push-button control of HomeKit accessories with Belkin remote [Review]


Belkin Wemo Stage Scene Controller review
Press any of the three buttons on Belkin’s Wemo Stage Scene Controller to activate HomeKit accessories.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

You can activate up to six preprogrammed HomeKit scenes or accessories with the push of a button on Belkin’s Wemo Stage Scene Controller. The palm-size remote sits on a table or hangs on a wall, and lets you easily control HomeKit accessories all over your home. No wiring involved.

I’m fully committed to Apple’s home-automation system, and Belkin’s latest HomeKit gadget fit neatly into my setup. Here’s why.

Preserve your favorite moments with this instant mini photo printer


This portable photo printer gives you instant photos on the go.
Photo: HP

Nearly 80 years ago, a 3-year-old girl wanted to see a photo of her family vacation right after it was taken. But she couldn’t, because instant cameras weren’t invented yet.

That moment sparked the idea for the instant camera, invented by Edward Land and inspired by his daughter, Jennifer Land. Debuting in 1943, instant film cameras have long been a photographic staple for anyone who loves memorabilia and keepsake moments.

A portable mini photo printer

The digital age all but did away with many of the nostalgic wonders of the past. But the HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer is here to bring back this blast from the past with modern technology. This instant mini photo printer churns out beautiful, crystal-clear color prints from your electronic devices instantly through the Sprocket App. And it’s available now for just $79.99.

2021 iPad Pro beats every Intel MacBook in early benchmark tests


2021 iPad Pro with M1 processor
The M1 processor in the 2021 iPad Pro has the tablet running faster than any Intel-based MacBook ever.
Photo: Apple

The first iPad Pro with an M-series processor is apparently going to be as fast as many had hoped. Benchmark tests for the upcoming tablet show that it’s almost as speedy as the Macs released in late 2020. And faster than any Intel-based MacBook ever.

The 2021 model is more than 50% faster than the iPad Pro Apple introduced in 2020.


Monopoly board game
Maybe Apple really is a monopoly.
Photo: Kathy Marsh/Unsplash CC