How to stop Apple Card from bombarding you with notifications


Apple Card with iPad
Switch off those pesky Apple Card notifications
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Are you enjoying your new Apple Card? Isn’t running up debt great when it is accompanied by a titanium card and a stylish app? But what you might not be enjoying are the Apple Card notifications that started to pop up on your iPhone.

Here’s how to stop them. But beware: It’s an all-or-nothing proposition that clearly illustrates an annoying problem with iPhone notifications.

iOS 13 inches closer to launch with new beta [Updated]


iOS 13
Apple has made great strides in debugging iOS 13.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple just seeded the seventh Developer beta of the next iOS and iPadOS version. This is the latest stage of a debugging process expected to end in September.

UPDATE: iOS 13 Public beta 6 just launched as well, so anyone who wants to try this new version can. The same goes for iPadOS Public beta 6.

Distraction-free apps won’t help you focus. Here’s what will.


Like a Vegas casino carpet, our devices overstimulate our brains. Distraction-free apps won't help.
Like a Vegas casino carpet, our devices overstimulate our brains.
Photo: Michael Winters/Flickr CC

“Distraction-free” apps are ridiculous. They don’t help at all. In fact, if you have trouble focusing on the task on hand, then the problem isn’t the app. The problem is you.

Removing clutter from an app’s interface won’t stop you from flipping to Twitter every five minutes. A carefully chosen font won’t stop you from whipping your iPhone from your pocket every time a question pops into your head.

The problem is not even distraction. The problem is overstimulation, and it’s going to take some effort for you to fix it.

12 amazing Apple Watch accessories at insanely low prices


Each will cost you $40 or less.
Photo: Rilee & Lo, EdgeGear, Nyloon, Carterjett, Mifa, Elago

Upgrading your Apple Watch with amazing bands and accessories doesn’t have to break the bank. You’ll be surprised at how many terrific products you can find for buyers on a budget.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Apple Watch accessories that are currently priced at $40 or less to help you out. Check out all 12 right here!

Fake AI skies look amazing, but not everybody’s thrilled


sky replacement tool in Luminar 4
Pick a sky that wasn't there when you took the photo.
Photo: Skylum

Imaging software company Skylum markets its photo editing tools as huge time savers. Just click a preset look or move a few slider bars and you have a beautifully styled final image within minutes.

Skylum was on message when it announced an upcoming AI tool for instantly replacing the sky. The company declared, “The days of spending a lot of time manually creating a complicated mask to replace skies in an image are over.”

Yet the debate over artificial intelligence’s role in photography is only beginning. In the week since Skylum announced and demoed AI Sky Replacement, photographers have spent considerable time in online forums drawing lines between ethics and creativity.

Get fluent in Photoshop, After Effects and the rest of Adobe Creative Suite [Deals]


The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle
This massively discounted tutorial bundle covers all of Adobe's industry standard Creative Cloud apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Adobe’s creative apps are the industry standard for all kinds of visual creative professionals. But being so powerful, they’re also super-complex. And they can be pretty intimidating to learn. That makes this massively discounted bundle of Adobe Creative Cloud lessons extremely enticing.