The Primus Apple Watch band debuts in bold, Italian leather [Review]


Makers of the popular Crocodilus Apple Watch band, Strapa continues its trend toward quality with its latest release — the Primus. Shown above with Matte Black hardware. 
Photo: Strapa

The company we know as Strapple (a company featured in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store) sounded a bit too much like the maker of Apple Watch. The tiny brand speedily changed its name to Strapa and doubled-down with the release of one of its most striking Apple Watch bands yet — the Primus.

Strapa explains Apple’s (minor) involvement in its sudden name change and site relaunch. During this transition, this company continues to make some of the best leather bands we’ve worn. The Primus Apple Watch Band is the latest in Strapa’s lineup.

Clue helps you understand your period. [50 Essential iOS Apps #44]


Clue app current cycle screen
Clue helps you understand your body's reproductive cycle.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: clue appFor the last few years, health has been a key focus area for Apple. Fitness tracking, sleep tracking, nutrition tracking, mindfulness and even reproductive health have made their way into the Health app. Unfortunately, when it comes to your sexual wellbeing, Apple’s offering is pretty minimal. With Clue: Period and Ovulation Tracker, you can track a wide range of physical and mental details and gain useful insights into patterns and abnormalities in your natural cycle.

Spect is a super-fast image browser for Mac


Spect is an ultra-light image browser from Panic founder Steven Frank.
Spect is an ultra-light image browser from Panic founder Steven Frank.
Photo: Steven Frank

Spect is in the one-thing-well school, apps that focus on a single task and make that task as easy and fast as possible. And because Spect comes from Panic developer Steven Frank, it does its task very well indeed.

So what is Spect? It’s a Mac image browser app that lets you dump folders containing thousands of images onto it, and then speed through them, viewing, culling, selecting and deleting along the way.

Annotable makes annotation and markup powerful and easy [50 Essential iOS Apps #43]


Annotable redacted information in document
With Annotable, you can easily hide sensitive information in photos and screenshots.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: Annotable appSome of the most useful apps on iOS take system features and turn them up to 11. For a few years, the photos app has had basic markup tools but it’s felt underwhelming and lacked pro features. Annotable for iPhone and iPad adds pro-level annotation and markup tools to highlight or hide whatever you want in an image.

Strapley’s tailor-made bands give Apple Watch a rustic chic


Strapley's leather Apple Watch band in Rosé.
Photo: Benjamin McKay/Cult of Mac

Sourcing the best Apple Watch bands and accessories for Cult of Mac readers is the number one priority for our Watch Store. We hit the mark with our latest find — Strapley’s distressed-leather bands for Apple Watch.

These stunning bands are crafted in-house and look like no other Apple Watch band on the market. Equally elegant and rustic, these bands are versatile enough to elevate Apple Watch.

Wirelessly power up your iPhone on the go with this travel charger [Review]


The mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit uses inductive charging to bring your iPhone back to 100 percent, at home or on the go.
The mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit uses inductive charging to bring your iPhone back to 100 percent, at home or on the go.
Photo: mophie

A wireless charger for your iPhone is very convenient, and now you don’t have to miss out when you’re on the road. The mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit includes a travel-size Qi wireless charger and the add-ons to use it in a hotel room or even your car.

This mobile charging kit currently sells for $49.95 on Amazon, and is compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. It also works with any Qi-compatible phone or accessory. Don’t miss our hands-on review. 

FretBud is the simplest, most useful guitar-scales app ever


Fretbud is super-simple, and that’s what makes it so useful.
FretBud is super-simple, and that’s what makes it so useful.
Photo: FretBud

If you’re learning to play the guitar, then you will constantly be looking up two things: Scales and chords. After you get a bit further into it, you’ll add arpeggios to that list. And you will keep referencing them for years, becasue there are a zillion way to play each chord, scale, or arpeggio on the guitar. And here’s the problem. Reference materials for these three essentials are a pain to use. Either you spend more time clicking around an app than you do practicing, or you have to keep a ton of PDFs around, and try to keep those organized. Now, though, a super simple (maybe too-simple) app finally ge ts it right. It’s called Fretbud, and I love it.

Documents is the files app iOS deserves [Essential iOS Apps #42]


Documents app main screen
Documents offers mobile access to all your files, across your servers and cloud storage products.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: DocumentsFor the last few years, discussions about whether you can do “real work” on iOS have circled the internet. One of the most commonly cited issues with iOS was the lack of a file browser. In iOS 11, Apple gave us the files app, but it suffers from some major limitations. Documents by Readdle takes the file management on iOS to the next level.

Wood-inlay iPhone X case cures aluminum ennui [Review]


Rustek Axis Inlay wooden iPhone case
Do you respect wood? Rustek does.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Just how much aluminum and glass can you take? If you’re a longtime Apple fan but you’re getting bored with your devices’ sleek surfaces, wood could be the answer.

In particular, wrapping your iPhone in a wooden case from Rustek might cure you of your aluminum ennui. With eye-catching graphics made of laser-cut wood veneers, these cases look really different.