iOS 11 will change the way you use your iPad [Review]


iOS 11 on iPad
New features in iOS 11 make the iPad a multitasking beast.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

IOS 11 is a huge update to Apple’s mobile operating system, but only if you’re using an iPad. While the iPhone gets its fair share of tweaks and polish, the iPad is transformed into a different machine. When you install iOS 11, your iPad will be transformed from a big iPhone, into a slick mobile computer. It has completely changed how I use my iPad, to the extent that I probably never need to buy another Mac again.

The headline features are drag-and-drop between apps, a new Mac-like Dock, a Finder-like app named Files, and a radically re-thought Control Center that echoes the one found in — you guessed it — the Mac. IOS 11, then, brings many of the Mac’s best features to the iPad, but redesigned to suit the touch screen.

What does this mean for daily use? It means that Mac and PC users can switch to the iPad without having to relearn how to do everything, and existing users will no longer feel like they have their hands tied while trying to do the simplest tasks.

Apple Watch just got way more stylish [Review]


We love the high quality of Bezel & Bytes' genuine leather Apple Watch bands with added bling. All hardware is stainless steel and nickel-free.
Photo: Bezels & Bytes

Ladies, take note: Now’s the time to up your style game for fall with beautiful Apple Watch bands designed for women by women.

Transform your tech into a chic fashion accessory with Bezels & Bytes’ decidedly girlie collection of bling-accented bands that’ll take you seamlessly from work to play.

And, get a free pair of Triple Stud Earrings from Bezels & Bytes (a $25 value!) while supplies last when purchasing through Watch Store.

iPhone becomes a reliable light meter with Lumu Power [Review]


Lumu Power light meter
Is that an iPhone or a light meter? It's both.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Lumu Power light meter for iPhone

The iPhone democratized photography and disrupted the video and camera industry. Now a new product that plugs into the iPhone’s Lightning port aims to replace an important photographer’s tool — the handheld light meter.

The Lumu Power light meter is a small, plug-in photodiode that looks like a pingpong ball cut in half. The light meter, a product of Lumu Labs from Slovenia, rose out of a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. It’s won favorable reviews from photographers and photo websites as the company works to improve the companion app.

Eliminate tangled cords with this gadget organizer [Review]


cord and gadget organizer
The BUBM case corrals the little things in your everyday tech carry.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Best List: BUBM gadget and cord organizer by ATailorBird

Pulling your charging cord from your shoulder bag or backpack can resemble that gag where you think you’re opening a can of peanuts and get surprised by springy snakes. Your bag’s other contents can catch on your cords and fly out.

The BUBM cord and gadget organizing case offers just one surprise. The mundane task of organizing your cords and other small accessories turns out to be fun and satisfying.

Think Tank camera bag makes it easy to sling your gear [Review]


Think Tank Turnstyle
The Think Tank TurnStyle V2.0 is a camera bag with a different look for a different feel.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

I’ve never been one to wear a camera bag with the shoulder strap going across my body. I put all the burden on my right shoulder and, as time wore on, I wore out my shoulder.

The TurnStyle V2.0 sling bag by Think Tank Photo changed the way I carry my camera gear. For one, I now carry it more comfortably.

Canvas laptop bag goes from biz to beach without skipping a beat [Review]


toffee laptop bag
Genuine leather along the base of the Commuter Satchel provides extra strength and durability.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Best List: Commuter Satchel by Toffee

After years of depositing my MacBook into an oversize, freebie laptop bag, it was time. Time to forego the ugly, embrace the new and, most importantly, get some real protection for my Mac.

The Commuter Satchel by Toffee arrived at the request of one of my colleagues. He, too, recognized the deplorable excuse of a laptop bag I was lugging around.

I can’t emphasize how much I love this sleek and stylish satchel.

Nerve Black messenger bag will trigger an impulse to buy [Review]


booq Nerve Black messenger bag
The Nerve Black messenger bag by booq delivers some serious attitude.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Best List: Nerve Black messenger bag by booq

Most messenger bags would look out of place slung over the shoulder of a leather-clad Harley rider. Not the Nerve Black by booq: It exhibits a transcendent cool, whether paired with a business suit or motorcycle chaps.

There’s no cowhide on this bag. Yet the water-repellent tarpaulin flap looks a lot like leather and makes a striking first impression.

Candy-colored Apple Watch band is limited edition [Review]


rainbow juuk
These days, everything is getting a rainbow makeover from lattes to ... Apple Watch bands!
Photo: Juuk

Juuk’s steel bands for Apple Watch have always impressed us. The luxury band-maker has just released two new additions to its Ligero Apple Watch collection — the Rose Gold and limited-edition Rainbow bands.

These beautiful bands join a collection of 10 different finishes. Even better, Juuk is donating $20 of proceeds for each Rainbow Ligero purchased to Amnesty International Hong Kong to support their efforts to combat discrimination.

Check out the entire Ligero collection in our Watch Store, and read further to learn more.

$27,000 Apple Watch clone is beautifully bonkers [Review]


Apple Watch Clone
Is this Apple Watch clone worth it's $26,900 asking price?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

This Apple Watch clone costs more than an Apple Watch Edition, but comes with zero apps. The H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz might look like it's straight outta Cupertino, but it's actually an old-fashioned luxury timepiece.

Would you pay $26,900 for an Apple Watch clone without all the smart functionality? See our video review for more on this completely bonkers Swiss watch.

Embellish your wrist with an Indonesian batik Apple Watch band [Review]


Clessant's Batik Apple Watch Bands are a beautiful blend of ancient Indonesian art, batik, and French leather-making. Available in red or blue.
Photo: Clessant

Make your Apple Watch your own with a truly distinctive, statement-making strap worthy of a double take.

The Batik Strap from French company Clessant is a refreshing take on an everyday accessory. No two are ever alike. And, you can take a look at it now in Cult of Mac’Watch Store.