A Gallery Of Gadget Gems At The CES’s Pepcom [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Last night, the Cult of Mac staff attended a CES event called Pepcom. It’s a heavily sponsored event with hundreds of companies showing off their latest products to members of the press. Some products are not available for retail and a few don’t even have prices yet. Pepcom goes all out on themes. The more elaborate, the better. This year the theme was “tailgating,” so there was a lot of deep fried food and people dressed as football players and cheerleaders.

Here’s some of the fun stuff and people we saw:

Men, Take A Holiday Hint And Buy Your Lady The Knomo iPhone Bag [Review]



Do you smell that? Over the intoxicating aroma of gingerbread lattes, there’s another scent. The smell of fear and anxiety.

That can only mean one thing: the holidays are upon us. And if you’re anything like me, this time of year fills you with dread… the dread of picking out the perfect present that will delight yet not break the bank.

As someone who also feels the stress of holiday shopping, let me give you some advice: if you have a special gal in your life and no ideas on what to get her, consider the Melissa cross-body iPhone bag by Knomo. It’s an excellent choice, and she’ll probably love you for it.

For The Unemployed, Waiting In Line For The iPhone 5 Is A Job [Gallery]



SAN FRANCISCO — This is Charlie Hufnagel, who was paid $1,500 to be first in line for the iPhone 5 at Apple’s flagship store here in the city.

Hufnagel was hired through TaskRabbit, an increasingly popular freelance odd-job company in this economy. He’s been camping out in front of the store for 94 hours (nearly 4 days) to snag a new iPhone for a “private investor.”

In fact, there are about 70 “TaskRabbits” in line here in San Francisco, who are being paid $55 to wait up to four hours for other people. A TaskRabbit rep estimated that one in four in line here are TaskRabbits.

Gallery: The Sights And Sounds of Macworld 2012



SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 2012 — I spent the afternoon on the floor hunting down unique products and people.

The show is about the same size as last year: about 300 exhibitors. It’s not all iPhone cases, as it has been in years past. There are some interesting products tucked away, especially at the edges of the show floor. There are also plenty of booth babes. If you’re into that sort of thing.

CES Blowout Of Awesome Stuff For Your Mac, iPhone & iPad [Gallery]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – The Consumer Electronics Show is winding down, ending today. It was an exhausting three days of navigating the jam-packed halls for Mac related items. We saw a lot of stuff. Some crap, some cool. Here it is.

Above: PhotoStitch can turn any scanned image into an embroidered work of art with a sewing machine. It’s like printing but with thread. Here’s a sample design of Steve Jobs. A Mac version will be available later this year.

Say iDo With An iPad At This Las Vegas Wedding Chapel [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – Not only does Sin City’s newest quickie-wedding chapel look like an Apple store, but the vows are read off an iPad.

For the moment, the chapel is offering only pretend weddings. It’s not yet licensed to perform legally-binding unions. So what happens in Vegas can really stay here. You can “marry” that hottie you met at the club, but you don’t have to give them half your earnings when things inevitably go sour.