A Steve Jobs Tribute Song



To honor Steve Jobs, a local San Francisco radio station, 997 NOW, is playing a version of the Nicki Minaj song  “Fly” remixed by Sketchomatic.  Its a super sappy top 40 hit mixed in with Steve Jobs’ inspirational words of wisdom. I heard this in the car this morning driving the kids to school. I was struck by the first line, “No one wants to die, but death is the one destination we all share.”  Have a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below..

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19 responses to “A Steve Jobs Tribute Song”

  1. APPL13D5C13NC3 says:

    Ugh, Nikki Minaj is so annoying to me now but hearing Steve Jobs’s speech makes this song hearable for me lol.

  2. Ryan Simmons says:

    Apple should really bring back “Think Different” with Steve.

  3. Andrew R. Eltorkey says:

    Haha, yeah.

  4. JohnnyBotd987689 says:

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  5. Ed_Kel says:

    Maybe if they take the “ghetto” out of it, I could stand to listen for longer than 1:20.

  6. Jdsonice says:

    Very nice. You should make it available for download.

  7. ppanah says:

    Only good part is steve talking in the song. I would like Coldplay or another great singer/song writer…adele perhaps..dedicate a song to steve jobs!

  8. NewbornFugur says:

    More appropriate song would have been something from the Beatles as he was a big fan, maybe a Strawberry Field remix. This song just did not seem to fit the image of Steve Jobs.

  9. Josh Luongo says:

    LOL Thats My Picture

  10. yahoo-BKZ3N6UHWKKOVJOQU6I2XRPNVA says:

    Beautiful song. Agreed, There should be a Cold Play’s song about Steve since he liked this band very much.

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