“Hands On” With An iPad-Controlled Sex Toy [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — There are a lot of iPad- and iPhone-connected devices at CES, but OhMiBod’s line of iPad-powered personal massagers are some of the most unusual.

No one was actually trying these out on the CES show floor, but we got some first impressions:

How do OhMiBod‘s personal massagers work? Just connect a small wireless transmitter to an iPod, iPad or iPhone and the massager will pulsate to the music. Plug and play, you might say.

I picked one up at the booth. It was velvety soft. It has a nice chrome finish. It has a powerful motor but it’s very quiet.

They can also be controlled by iPad or iPhone app.

OhMiBod’s $0.99 Remote app comes with a set of preset vibrations, including Cresting Waves and Fire Alarm!

You can call up favorite vibrations, create custom vibrations on the fly, and make lists of favorites.

Move your finger up and down the iPad’s screen to change the speed, and left or right to change the strength of vibration. Swiping two fingers creates complex patterns.

These can be saved and added to a list of speed-dial favorites. Shaking your iPhone or iPad stops the device.

OhMiBod has three different styles of massager; the standard Freestyle, the Freestyle G (curved tip to hit the G-spot) and the Freestyle W (a rabbit-style vibe) The $120.00 Freestyle comes with its own custom travel case and universal chargers.

The massagers look like a lot of fun, but I’m skeptical the iPad control is practical. Users are likely to be too busy to fiddle with their iPad.

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16 responses to ““Hands On” With An iPad-Controlled Sex Toy [CES 2012]”

  1. tiresius says:

      Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, “You’ll change your tune.”

  2. Jason says:

    I want to comment on this but I just can’t come up with what to say….

  3. James Padilla says:

    Or “can you feel the music?” 

  4. joewaylo says:

    How in God’s name would they be “trying these out on the CES show floor”? It’s a sex toy. You’d have to try this in a more private location. Unless you would like to show the folks in public what a sex toy is for.

  5. Martin Eisenloeffel says:

    More like butt plug & play.

  6. hanna says:

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  7. Sean Murphy says:

    i don’t think the control are for the one actually using it, but more for the other person to control the experience
    Sounds like fun to me!

  8. auburnnotred says:

    I’m guessing the iPad feature would be for your partner to control.

  9. Bill Wimsatt says:

    Uh, there is another adult conference held in LV at the same time as CES. Perhaps there are demos going on there?

  10. Mitch McKee says:

    This has actually been around since (I believe) before the iPhone. OhMiBod originally created them to plug into your iPod and the vibrations were matched to the music playing. Hence the “Feel the Music” tagline.

  11. askmewhyihateyou says:

    From the article: “No one was actually trying these out on the CES show floor, but we got some first impressions:”

    Furthermore, I can promise you, if you hold one in your hand to feel the vibration, you’re going to have a pretty damned good idea of how it’s going to work for you.

  12. Cowboy Ron says:

    With Siri, perhaps it could talk dirty too.

  13. joewaylo says:

    No thank you. Holding a vibrating dildo. Eeks.

  14. Sean Empen says:

    Now if only there were a version that triggered the vibes whenever a text or call came in…

  15. Martin Meredith says:

    Finaally… a use for dubstep

  16. kinky says:

    Click here for adult toys

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