A Valentine’s Gift Guide For Apple Lovers


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Dude, Valentine’s Day is like four days away! Haven’t bought your sweetie a gift yet? Don’t despair, we have some clever gift ideas that will make you look like a hopeless romantic. Or at least you won’t be in the doghouse!

Above: When saying it just isn’t enough, show her how much you love her with the Love Quotes Wallpaper for Valentines day. With over 450 glow effects in 24 patterns and 20 colors, you are sure to find something for your sweety. The more sickly sweet the better! You can even share by Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Love Quotes Wallpaper for Valentines Day App is available from iTunes for free

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Brookstone Off the Hook Bluetooth Headset

Sweet talk with the Off the Hook Bluetooth Headset. This retro-style wireless handset pairs with your iPhone allowing you to whisper sweet nothings to your sweetie. It’s even hands-free; just tuck it between your neck and shoulder. Old-school feel with high-tech function. So lovely!

The Off the Hook Bluetooth Headset is available from Brookstone for $39.95

Instant Poetry App

Roses are red, violets are blue. Oh screw it! If poetry isn’t your thing, get the Instant Poetry App to help you create some beautiful poetry for your gal. Create passionate masterpieces with your own pictures as backgrounds. Send your poems to your partner for a romantic surprise and reap the gratitude!

Instant Poetry App is available from iTunes for $1.99.

Clutch Red iPad Bag

Trust me, she will love the iPad Clutch Red. This iPad clutch bag is well designed, looks pretty and holds just about everything the modern woman needs on the go. Besides securing the iPad nicely there are pockets for credit cards business cards, pens, stylus, a phone, lipgoss, keys and more! A thin shoulder strap keeps this bag close to her heart!

The Clutch Red is available from Happy Owl Studio for $79.99.

Lingolook iLoveYou App

Charm your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by learning how to say “I Love You!” in over 50 different languages. With the Lingolook iLoveYou app-you can do just that and more. Post a love flashcard to Facebook or send a tweet of your favorite language. Each flashcard has a different language recorded by a native speaker with expert translation.

iLove you in 50 Languages is available from iTunes for $0.99

Sugar Beez iCookies

These adorable iPhone doubles, available in chocolate or vanilla have a good flavor, making them perfect for dunking in tea or milk. iCookies are definitely a novelty item but are realistic right down to the last app! If your sweetie would rather have an iPad cookie they can do that too. They can put just about anything you like on a cookie. How about “will you marry me?”

iCookies are available from Sugar Beez for $3.50 each plus shipping. No minimum order.

Flower Garden App

Roses are nice, but they die! Why not give your sweetheart virtual flowers that she can cultivate herself and watch grow (just like your love). Plant the seeds, water them and watch them bloom right on the iPhone. This vibrant garden can also be shared. Cut the most beautiful flowers to make a bouquet to send to loved ones.

The Flower Garden App is available from  iTunes for $1.99.

Agent 18 HeartVest iPhone Case

This adorable iPhone 4 case is covered with puffy colorful hearts. Made from lightweight material with durable protection and no extra bulk. She will be reminded of your love every time she uses her phone.

The HeartVest is available from Agent 18 for $29.95.

60beat Heart Rate Monitor

The 60beat Heart Rate Monitor is a quick and easy heart rate monitor for your partner to keep her heart in check. There’s a standard chest strap and a receiver that plugs into her iPhone through the headphone jack. Start the free app, and her heart rate data now shows up on her iPhone.

The 60beat Receiver RX is available from Amazon for $29.95 with free shipping. The 60beat Heart Rate Monitor App is available from iTunes for free.

The Lovetricity Pro App

Burn up for her love with the The Lovetricity Pro. A fun game of love and compatibility. You and your partner place your thumbs on the screen, and the app calculates your love-chemistry. This app is fun and is best for picking up people in bars! Hopefully you get “Burning Hot” or it might put a damper on your night!

Lovetricity is available from iTunes for $0.99.

FleshDrive USB Porn Stick

FleshDrive is a porn stick. Or porn on a stick. It’s a 4GB flash drive containing 20 plus videos of porn. If your sweetheart is the adventurous type, this will really spice things up. And if you don’t have a sweetheart, this is the next best thing. FleshDrive has an extensive library of porn to choose from. Genres like Massive Asses or MILFs are just a few examples.

FleshDrive is available for $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping.