Sony Goes After Leica With The Amazing RX1 Full-Frame Compact


Sony has launched a whole new range of cameras at the Photokina camera trade show, including the new full-frame A99 SLR with 24MP sensor and a translucent mirror, the NEX 6, with 16MP sensor and Wi-Fi, a 35mm camcorder with interchangeable lenses (the VG900) and several others.

But we're not going to talk about them, interesting as they are (nice launch strategy Sony — burying your own products). We're going to look at the RX-1, the high-end, full-frame mirrorless camera. Why? Because I want one, that's why.

Professional Abuse: How Zeiss Lenses Are Stress-Tested [Video]


If you were to only read about his antics, Norbert Wittekindt might appear like some kind of psychopath. He takes top-end Carl Zeiss lenses and drops them onto hard floors. Not only that, he freezes them and then brings them into warm rooms and clamps them onto machines which try to shake the lenses apart. What’s going on?