Forget about asking Siri for a date this Valentine’s Day


Ask Siri

If you’re feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, don’t think your favorite personal assistant will be there for you. In fact, Siri will do anything to avoid saying “yes” to your proposal.

Check out what happened when we tried to take our working partnership to the next level after the jump. Spike Jonze’s Her this ain’t!

’50 Shades of Buscemi’ trailer is like a giant fake phallus in your face


How can you not love this? Photo: Sony Pictures
How can you not love this? Photo: Sony Pictures

What could possibly make the treacly, soft-focus trailer for the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey any better than Steve Buscemi?

Nothing, that’s what. Unfortunately, even the googly-eyed, wacky-toothed character actor can’t save the awful trailer, as we can see here in this fan-made recut of the original Fifty Shades trailer.

Called “50 Shades of Buscemi,” even a shot of Buscemi waggling a big rubber dildo at someone off-camera (below) can’t make me want to see the film.

BloomThat App Delivers Flowers Almost Instantly By Bicycle




BloomThat is a unique flower delivery service that harnesses the power of the bicycle to deliver a bouquet of flowers “in under 90 minutes” — pretty fast. But before you read on, there’s one big catch to using the brand-new BloomThat iPhone app to order roses on Valentine’s Day: Your sweetheart must be in the Bay Area — specifically in the tech (and bicycle)-rich towns of San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View or Sunnyvale.

Get Over $3000 Worth Of Assets With The Valentine’s Day Designer Bundle [Deals]


Cult of Mac Deals has put together another astounding offer – a package deal that features over $3000 worth of vector illustrations, Photoshop brushes, t-shirt designs, text styles and more. And you can get this bundle – dubbed The Valentine’s Day Designer Bundle in honor of the upcoming holiday – for just $39 for a limited time.