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Let Apple’s Valentine’s Day App Guide Help You Find The ‘Perfect Gift’ For Your Loved One



Struggling to find a gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? If you get really desperate, you could always buy them something from the App Store. Seriously. That’s what Apple’s suggesting with its new Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, which features a collection of apps and games suited to music lovers, writers, photographers, foodies, and more.

I suppose gifting an app or game isn’t such a bad idea if you’re buying something for a parent or a friend this Valentine’s Day. And Apple’s just helping you out by picking a selection of apps that will make the whole process easier. The company notes, however, that while its picks make ideal presents, “any app or game on the App Store can be given as a gift.”

And of course, when you give a gift through iTunes or the App Store, Apple allows you to write your own greeting. You can even buy gifts in advance and have them sent on a date of your choice.

When it comes to buying presents for your other half, however, please don’t go down this route. Gifting the love of your life a $0.99 copy of Fruit Ninja certainly won’t make for a pleasant Valentine’s Day.

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