Pink Moleskine-Style iPhone Case Is Valentine’s Rescue Remedy


Better than flowers; worse than a weekend away. The pink iPhone case makes an almost ideal Valentine's Day gift

As a nerd, it’s almost certain that you still haven’t bought a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other (heck, as a nerd it’s not even certain you have a significant other). An inkling at the back of your mind tells you that flowers are too obvious, but your geek brain can’t conceive of any romantic gift that isn’t also practical. Fear not. We have news of the most romantic (and practical) gift money can buy: the Pink Little Black Book for iPhone.

The Little Pink Book comes from the kind folks at Pad and Quill, one of the original makers of Moleskine-style iPad cases. It, too, is a stylish little black book, only it now comes with a pink lining fashioned from “bookbindery cloth” to enable it to conform to the cliches of Saint Valentine’s Day.

It’s likely that the case will outlast your relationship, especially if you keep on giving such dorky gifts. The baltic-birch frame is tough, but its strong, manly grip will tenderly embrace the phone within, while its semi-hidden pocket is the perfect place for your spouse to keep both credit cards and secret love notes from their lover.

The leather cover and wooden frame have cutouts for all switches and ports (except the flash), and a ribbon “bookmark” makes removing the iPhone easy.

The cases cost just $45, much less than the tacky two-top dinner you were planning for your lady/gent tomorrow night. Sadly, as there is no overnight shipping option, you may have left it too late. Again.

[Thanks, Brian H!]