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See an Apple Watch hater nearly choke to death mid-rant (NSFW)

Apple Watch ranter

This Apple Watch hater might have some rage stuck in his throat.

When you’re ranting about Apple and its products, don’t forget to breathe.

One incredibly angry man learned that crucial lesson the hard way: His profanity-laden diatribe about the Apple Watch ended when he broke into a coughing fit. You can see the whole NSFW rant and its shocking twist ending below.

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How to troll strangers over AirDrop with pictures of sloths

Photo: Ken Mayer / Flickr (CC)

Trolling with sloths. Photo: Ken Mayer / Flickr (CC)

AirDrop on iOS makes it easier to share images and other files with the people around you than ever before, but it’s also a great way to troll innocent bystanders with space sloths. But there’s a way to protect yourself.

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Skech Gives Great Service To Case-Seeking Customer

Skech happy

Having trouble finding a stockiest for a gadget you want? Try contacting customer service

Here’s a win for customer service: Several readers have written in to ask about the excellent Skech Porter case for the iPad, which I reviewed a while back, but which is all but impossible to actually buy. Cult of Mac reader Chris decided to get in touch with Skech and ask just what was going on. The result will warm your cold little hearts.

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