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Smash Hit Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]



Feel like smashing some glass? How about throwing pinballs to do it?

Well, you can do both in this week’s pick: Smash Hit by Mediocre Games, a free-to-play glass-shattering endless run through some of the prettiest yet most fragile obstacle courses we’ve ever seen.

Here’s a quick video of our play through, along with our thoughts on the game.

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If Breaking It Isn’t The Answer, Smash Hit Doesn’t Even Want To Hear The Question [Review]

Smash Hit

Sometimes, you just gotta break something.

Smash Hit by Mediocre Game Studio
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free ($1.99 unlock for full features)

But you probably don’t want to break your own stuff, and people get mad when you smash up their things. This is where gaming often enters the picture: It’s an environment in which you can demolish the crap out of things with no consequences. And it’s even more satisfying when the things break realistically.

Smash Hit is a game about literally that, and it’s incredibly satisfying.

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