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Ray-Ban App Uses Real-Life Instagram-Style Filters

Ray-Ban, the sunglasses company, has a rather neat take on Instagram-style retrification filters. Instead of releasing yet another photo-filtering app, Ray-Ban’s Ambermatic actually shoots your photos through a real pair of Ambermatic shades.

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Combined Sunglasses And Earbuds Are Cool Enough For Rock Stars

Earbuds and sunglasses, two things that sit up on your head and hang from your ears. If only there was some way to combine the two…

Oakley tried it some years ago with the Thump, which resulted in one of the most hideous product designs ever conceived — if H.R Giger had re-imagined between-toe fungus as an alien growth across your eyes and temples, it would have looked like the Thump.

Luckily, Sanpei Optics has come to the rescue with this gadget, which takes a normal-looking pair of shades and a normal-looking set of earbuds and simply sticks them together.

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