50 Billionth App Winner “Saved Up Apps” To Win Contest


The winner of Apple’s $10,000 App Store gift card has revealed how he saved up apps to download to his iPhone in an a bit to become the 50 billionth downloader. Brandon Ashmore, 21, from Mentor, Ohio, held his downloads until Wednesday night to try to give himself a better chance of winning the contest.

He still thought it was a joke when Apple called to tell him he had won, though.

OK Go Tells Us About Say The Same Thing, The iOS Game They Actually Made Real

Hugs all around, guys!
Hugs all around, guys!

The band, OK Go, known as much for its fabulously nerdy and complex videos as for its quirky and upbeat pop music, have made an app. Before you go, “meh,” and move on, thinking that this is another one of those record publishing tie-in apps that, really, no one loves but the publicist trying to push it, take a look at the video here.

Get it? These guys made the app. Ok, mostly guitarist Andy Ross, but the other guys certainly had a hand in the app. They definitely appear in the video above. Singer and bassist, Tim Nordwind, had this to say when we asked about the app.