How to search for people, places and things in iOS 10 Photos


photos in ios 10
The Photos app is even greater in iOS 10.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple stole a great idea from Google for its improved Photos app in iOS 10, and that’s the ability to search for people, places and things. It makes it immensely easier to find the images you’re looking for in large libraries, and it’s so simple to use. Here’s what to do.

Google Adds Recent Places Icon To Mobile Web Search


Android and iOS users will now be able to quickly access the places they have searched for on Google thanks to Google’s new “Recent” icon on their mobile search page. Any user who has Web History enabled and is logged into Google when searching for a place will have that search saved and accessible via the “Recent” icon. Searches will be saved for approximately 24-hours and will give users the convenience of starting searches from their desktop and later pulling up that information while mobile.