Formerly Free Mint QuickView Financial App For Mac Is Now Five Bucks


Time to charge a little more than Free.
Time to charge a little more than Free., the slick and extremely useful financial tracking website, also has iOS and OS X apps to natively keep an eye on your finances. The Mac app came out in early July of this year, and was updated to version 2.0 at the end of August. Today, however, it has gone from being a free app to asking for a cool $4.99. Is Finally Available For iPad



Ever since it first landed in 2010, iPad users have been clamoring for a native port of the great app, which allows people who use Intuit’s great personal finance tracking service to watch their spending and savings on the go.’s website worked, but just barely: it was really designed with a desktop experience in mind.

Well, the wait’s finally over. has just been updated to a universal app, and the iPad version is just a gorgeous piece of work.