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Would you have sex with this iPad case?


iPads are sexy, but would you have sex with one? Fleshlight sure hopes so. The company behind the gross silicon sleeves that aim to put a simulated vagina in the palm of your hand has just revealed the LaunchPAD, and surprise! It’s an iPad case you can pork.

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Durex Just Made Some iPhone-Controlled Vibrating Underwear For When You’re Feeling Lonely


They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but for a lot of people, Snapchatting promiscuous pics and Skyping just isn’t enough. Condom maker Durex is ready to help you out though by adding a new product for your sexual repertoire.

As its first experiment with wearable tech, Durex has created “Fundawear.” It’s a line of underwear that’s been embedded with tons of tiny little vibrators around your naughty bits region that are then synched up with an iPhone app so your partner can “touch you over the Internet.” There’s a mens and womens pair, and they’re pretty much perfect for couples who are long distance and wanting to get kinky, or creeps that want to masturbate in public using only their iPhone.

Here’s the video Durex created to introduce Fundawear:

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