iPhone 5 Setup Is Easy Peasy [First Impressions]


I do not think it means what you think it means, Apple.
I do not think it means what you think it means, Apple.

I had just taped the pre-signed authorization for UPS to the door of my house, when the brown UPS truck pulled up in front. I ran downstairs, signed breathlessly, and took possession of an absurdly small package. Apparently, Apple’s not happy enough with a small phone; they need to make the box it’s shipped in super small as well.

I ran upstairs, sliced the packing tape open, and pulled out an even smaller iPhone 5 box, all shrink-wrapped and beautiful. The exterior retail box is quite a bit smaller than the last iPhone I purchased, the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 itself? Stunningly small and light, yet fits almost perfectly in my hand, as has been said a bajillion times already.

I pulled off the sticky, protective plastic, held down the Wake button, and let the device do its start up thing. Then came the moment of truth: setup. How long was I going to be stuck at my desk?

iPhone 5: How Can Apple Possibly Top This? [First Impression]


Holy crap.

Every review of the iPhone 5 makes great efforts to talk about how light it is. I’ve read those reviews over and over again since Tuesday. Even so, when taking my iPhone 5 out of the box for the first time, I so misjudged the weight that it went flying from my fingers and onto the floor. This is lightness to the point of ephemerability. It’s so hard to believe, and yet it’s testament to the iPhone 5’s construction that such a thin slate of glass and aluminum doesn’t break apart between your fingers like a communion wafer when you touch it, let alone when you — as I did — accidentally fling it across a room. But my iPhone 5 wasn’t even scratched.

This isn’t our review of the iPhone 5. Far from it: we’ll be posting an in-depth review first thing on Monday morning, once we’ve had a chance to put it through its paces in full. These are our first impressions, and let’s say it right off the bat: from the second it comes out of the box, the iPhone 5 seems like such a leap over the iPhone 4S that it’s like picking up your first MacBook Air after lugging around a lunky 2008 MacBook Pro for years. In a couple of years, Apple has improved the design of the iPhone 4/4S so much that the latter now seems absolutely antediluvian.

Weirder Every Year: The History Of iPhone Launch Lines [Gallery]



iPhone launch days, like today, are freaking insane. Rabid fans across the globe line up for hours or even days just to make sure they get Apple’s newest iPhone. It’s always been that way and it gets weirder every year.

Even though this is only the sixth iPhone launch day in the history of the world, iPhone launch days have a rich history of being a little bit odd, with people wearing funny costumes, crazy attention, Apple retail staff cheering like crazy, and just straight up weirdness surrounding the launch of a new electronic device.

Here’s a look at each iPhone launch day in history:

Look At All These iPhone 5s Flooding FedEx’s Distribution Center [Image]



FedEx is gearing up to deliver a whole mess of iPhone 5s today, and they are almost literally swimming in a sea of iPhone 5 boxes at their distribution center. I can only spot about three boxes that aren’t iPhones making their way through the processing belt, and it looks like one iPhone 5 fell off. I hope that one’s not yours.

Source: Reddit