iOS 9 is ready for download: Get your upgrade on


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iOS 9 is here. What are you waiting for?
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Months of beta testing and waiting have finally culminated with today’s highly anticipated release of iOS 9, which brings users a smarter Siri, better multitasking on iPad, speedy UI improvements and all-around better performance.

Apple just made iOS 9 available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The new mobile OS, which promises to be significantly smaller than previous iOS upgrades, can be downloaded via an over-the-air update — but the smart move is probably to use iTunes. (After backing up all your data, naturally.)

No, iOS 9 probably isn’t too big for your iPhone


The Notes app gets new powers in iOS 9.
Unlike iOS 8 last year, iOS 9 shouldn't be much of a hassle to install.
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Apple made two important changes to the way you install iOS 9 that will help out your storage space and probably your anxiety. If you’re like a lot of other people, you were pretty frustrated last year trying to install iOS 8. Your 16GB iPhone already has to store all your apps and photos, and it just seems downright greedy of Apple to ask you to install a software update that would take up even more space. This year’s update should be much smoother sailing.

Pro Tip: iTunes is your best bet for iOS 9 backup and upgrade


Siri can be hacked with radio waves.
Back up everything you can before you try to upgrade to iOS 9, OK?
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Pro Tip Cult of Mac bug When you back up your iPhone before upgrading to iOS 9, you have a couple of choices. You can use iCloud or iTunes.

For your best, most comprehensive backup, connect your iPhone (or iPad) to iTunes. Seriously, iTunes backs up almost everything — and it’s your best bet for downloading iOS 9 when the upgrade becomes available today.

Here’s how to do it.

This photo-sharing app adds voices to your photos


everyStory allows you to curate digital photos albums and add audio to each photo.
everyStory allows you to curate digital photos albums and add audio to each photo.
Photo: everyStory

Dave Keene had colon cancer and wouldn’t be sure until after surgery whether it would kill him. What he did know for sure was if it did, his young son would eventually forget the sound of his voice.

Keene, a veteran engineer in the gaming industry, used his time before surgery to develop an iOS app that would change that. He created everyStory, a kind of digital photo album that includes audio attached to each photo.

The No. 1 single on iTunes is a minute of silence


Photo: Apple

In a world filled with frothy pop songs and multimillionaire musicians, it’s not often that a song goes to the top of the iTunes chart based purely on ethical reasons.

That’s exactly what’s happened in Austria, however, where a recorded minute of silence in honor of asylum-seekers trying to escape from countries of conflict has shot to No. 1 on the iTunes music chart — with the money raised going to a local refugee project.