Apple accused of ignoring ‘massive’ music piracy on iTunes


100 Greatest Big Hits of the 1920's, Vol. 3 continues multipolar examples of music piracy on Apple iTunes.
100 Greatest Big Hits of the 1920's, Vol. 3 on iTunes allegedly includes seven pirated recordings of songs by one composer.
Photo: Apple

Lawyers representing a group of music composers from the 20th century have accused Apple of being “recklessly indifferent or willfully blind” to the actions of a company that operates a “massive music piracy operation” on iTunes.

Apple promotes White House’s coronavirus PSA across multiple platforms


Apple Music White House
Apple is doing its part to promote proper behavior during pandemic.
Photo: Apple Music/iTunes

Apple is doing its part to help positive messaging regarding the coronavirus pandemic by sharing a White House video emphasizing the importance of social distancing.

The public service announcement features three core members of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force. It’s visible in the video carousel on Apple Music and iTunes. You do not need an active Apple Music subscription to view it.

Movies Anywhere tests letting users loan out iTunes movies


Movies Anywhere combines digital purchases for a range of services.
Movies Anywhere will soon let you loan your digital movies to other people with Screen Pass.
Photo: Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere combines films bought through iTunes, Google Play, etc. into one service. And now it’s testing a new feature called Screen Pass that enables loaning your movies to other people.

It’s only in beta, and isn’t expected to be available to everyone until May. Which is too bad, because it would be really useful right now with so many in self isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Universal Pictures to release new movies on iTunes while they’re still in theaters


Trolls World Tour will be available on iTunes the day it hits theaters.
Photo: Universal Pictures

As cities across the United States start encouraging residents to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at least one major movie studio is making big changes to how it releases films.

Universal Pictures revealed this week that its movies currently in cinemas will become available on iTunes and other on-demand services starting as early as Friday. But they won’t come cheap.

Today in Apple history: iTunes tops 50 million songs downloaded


That's worth a quick dance!
Photo: Apple

March 15: Today in Apple history: iTunes tops 50 million songs downloaded March 15, 2004: The iTunes Music Store hits a musical milestone, having sold an astonishing 50 million songs in less than a year. The achievement cements Apple’s place at the center of the rapidly changing music business — at least for the moment.

Crossing 50 million songs is a major milestone for iTunes and the emerging digital music era,” Steve Jobs said in a statement. “With over 50 million songs already downloaded and an additional 2.5 million songs being downloaded every week, it’s increasingly difficult to imagine others ever catching up with iTunes.”

Today in Apple history: iTunes becomes No. 2 music retailer in U.S.


iTunes was going from strength to strength.
Photo: Apple

February 26: Today in Apple history: iTunes becomes No. 2 music retailer in U.S. February 26, 2008: Less than five years after launching, the iTunes Music Store becomes the No. 2 music retailer in the United States, second only to Wal-Mart.

In that relatively short period, iTunes sells more than 4 billion songs to more than 50 million customers. The rapid rise to prominence stands as a massive achievement for Apple — and for the revolutionary digital distribution model Cupertino helped pioneer.

Today in Apple history: iTunes rips its way onto Mac


Rip Mix Burn
Do you remember the first iTunes slogan?
Photo: Apple

January 9 Today in Apple historyJanuary 9, 2001: Steve Jobs introduces customers to iTunes at Macworld.

In a world before the iPod or the iTunes Store, iTunes is simply described by Apple as, “the world’s best and easiest to use jukebox software that lets users create and manage their own music library on their Mac.” Even the biggest Apple fanboy can’t imagine just how significant a step this will be for Apple.