Hollywood wants Apple to sell movies within weeks of theater debuts


Apple TV Dark Mode
The wait for new movies could be just two weeks.
Photo: Apple

Hollywood is pushing for iTunes to show the latest blockbuster movies just weeks after they hit the theater.

Sources say a deal between Apple and a number of major studios could be signed as early as next year without the blessing of theater chains. However, talks are currently held up over the price that Hollywood wants to charge for new rentals.

Tim Cook’s letter re: Charlottesville will break your heart


Apple held a moment of silence for Orlando.
Tim Cook witnessed the devastating impacts of the KKK while growing up in Alabama during the '60s.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed to employees in an email this week that Apple will make $2 million worth of donations to organizations “who work to rid our country of hate.”

The donations come as a response to the tragic events of Charlottesville which Cook told employees have been deeply troubling for him personally. Cook, who has first hand experience with the devastating impacts of the KKK, took aim at President Donald Trump in his letter for supporting the white supremacists and says that Apple plans to play an important role in bringing about positive change.

Apple officially adds services to business strategy


App Store
Services like the App Store are a huge money maker.
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What to expect from Apple’s Q3 2017 earnings


Apple is raking in the cash.
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Nintendo Switch’s new voice chat app goes live… kinda


Nintendo Switch
Want to chat to your friends on Switch multiplayer? There's an app for that.
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PhoneRescue makes iPhone data loss less scary


PhoneRescue shows that depth and flexibility are key with mobile data recovery.
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Comcast and Amazon Video are putting the hurt on iTunes movies


iTunes movie
iTunes movie downloads suffering thanks to the rise of rival services.
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It’s not just music downloads where iTunes is struggling. According to a new report, Apple’s share of the digital home video movie market has also been falling precariously in recent years — largely thanks to the rise of companies like Comcast, Amazon Video and Netflix.

From a high of over 50 percent in 2012, market share has now fallen to between 20-35 percent, with various Hollywood studios reporting a decline in iTunes’ leadership position.