Apple Watch outsold iPhone 2-to-1 in its debut year


Happy birthday, Apple Watch!
Photo: Micolo J/Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch celebrated its first birthday on Sunday and, while Apple has yet to publicly disclose sales figures, it seems that the company’s debut wearable device had quite the impressive debut year!

According to analysts, Apple likely sold around 12 million Apple Watches over the past year: around twice the number of iPhones it sold in the first twelve months of Apple’s breakthrough smartphone.

iPhone manufacturer opens its doors for one-of-a-kind tour


Save your battery with this pretty extreme trick.
Pegatron wants to be more transparent about iPhone manufacturing.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

As the Apple supplier which came under fire a few years ago when one of its 15 year old workers died of pneumonia, iPhone manufacturer Pegatron has opened its doors to the media in an effort to show how much things have changed.

In the process, it sheds light on one of the hidden sides of iPhone production — and the means by which companies like Pegatron try and crack down on supply chain leaks about future Apple devices.

China’s Steve Jobs says Apple isn’t innovating enough


The iPhone SE was a misstep for Apple, apparently.
Photo: Apple

A billionaire serial entrepreneur from China, whose company LeEco offers an ecosystem of streaming video services, electric vehicles, television sets and smartphones, has lambasted Apple for failing to innovate — and says it is failing in China as a result.

“As an industry leader, Apple should be developing more cutting-edge products,” he said. “The iPhone was still a leader five years ago after being launched in 2008 but now the concept has fallen behind.”

Kind of funny considering that LeEco recently rushed to beat Apple to release a smartphone without a 3.5mm headphone jack!

Will WWDC 2016 be another Apple snooze-fest? [Friday Night Fights]


Are you excited?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s most recent keynotes have been a little… boring. Even die-hard fans have been left disappointed by the lack of action and surprises, but with WWDC 2016 right around the corner, many have high hopes that Apple’s about to buck that trend.

FNF-bugApple’s keynote will offer our first sneak peeks at iOS 10 and the next big upgrades to OS X, watchOS, and tvOS — plus possible refreshes for Apple Watch and various Macs. Will these things make up for the lack of excitement?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac as we talk about (argue over) all things WWDC!

Siri meets its demise in Apple’s Earth Day ad


Hush it down, Siri. Hush it down.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple is going hard on Earth Day. Company stores changed their Apple logos green. The App Store has a week-long green app promotion. And today the company has released not one, but two ads.

The second Earth Day video from Apple features Siri and Liam hanging out talking about kale smoothies until Apple’s digital assistant meets its demise.

Watch the new ad below: