iOS 7 Revs Up Gaming With New Controllers, Developer Tools


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iOS 7 provides two new features under the hood that will blow the lid off mobile gaming: game controllers and a sprite animation and particle physics engine. While these may not sound super sexy, they have the potential to revolutionize the way we play games on our mobile devices. The first is a recognition that many games really need physical buttons to provide high-end gaming experiences, while the second is a step toward supporting game developers in the way that development engines like Unreal and Unity already do, but built right in to the operating system. Together, these two developments are nothing less than—forgive the pun—complete game changers. Mobile gaming is already a big business for game developers, publishers, and Apple. And while Apple has never put gaming front and center before, that’s going to change with iOS 7. Gaming is already huge; now it’s going to get even bigger.

iOS 7: The Cult of Mac Review Roundup



We’ve already brought you an iOS 7 review roundup from everyone else, but you may have noticed that the Cult of Mac team published our own iOS 7 review today, too. It’s split up into separate parts to make it easier to digest, and this handy roundup will help you find each part and what it covers.

We’ve taken a look at all of the new features — including Control Center, AirDrop, and iTunes Radio — and all of the improvements Apple made to existing ones, like the Camera app and Notification Center. We’ve also got some tips and tricks that will help you get accustomed to iOS 7 in no time.

iOS 7 Camera And Photos Apps Are Way Better Than Before



iOS 7’s Photos and Camera apps have been completely redesigned. Or rather, the Photos app has, with the Camera app getting some great updates, but changing very little functionally (A good thing, too – it was always easy to use).

So what’s changed? Pull up a beanbag, put on your favorite Barry White playlist and pour yourself a glass of delicious wine, while we take a look at everything new.