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Instagram’s Next Update Could Include Messaging


Instagram does photos on mobile better than anyone else. They also recently added video to that mix, but it doesn’t look like Instagram is going to stop there: rumor has it they are getting into messaging next as well.

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How to Stop Social Apps From Tracking You


This article first appeared in the Cult of Mac Newsstand magazine

Thanks to Apple’s tireless vetting of App Store apps, it’s tricky for an app to flat-out snoop on you. Then again, the behavior of some apps could be thought of as snooping if you squint and look at them the wrong way.

Foursquare is all about location, but that’s because it knows exactly where you are. And Facebook is… Well, Facebook likes to know things about you.

But you can keep earning Mayorships and tweeting your pictures without telling everyone where you live, or letting them post your location to Facebook. Just follow our handy guide to the privacy settings of various famous apps.

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Instagram’s First Official Brand-Sponsored Ad Is Here Thanks To Michael Kors


We knew this day has been coming for quite sometime now, but alas, the days of an ad-free Instagram are long gone.

The first official brand-sponsored ad was published to Instagram this morning courtesy of fashion brand Michael Kors. The ad features a Michael Kors gold watch surrounded by cakes and other trinkets with the title “Pampered in Paris,” making the fashion company the first to paid advertiser on the platform

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This Is What Instagram’s First Ad Will Look Like In Your Feed Next Week


Instagram already gave us the heads up that it’s introducing ads in the coming months, and now the Facebook-owned app is giving us a preview of what “Sponsored” posts will look like.

You’ll start seeing the above image in your feed in the “coming week.” It’s a “one-time ad from the Instagram team that’s meant to give you a sense for the look and feel of the ads you will see.” Tapping the Sponsored label will teach you how ads will work.

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Instagram Removes Ability To Turn Off Video Autoplay Ahead Of Ad Push

Photo Oct 11, 5 18 13 PM

Instagram recently received a minor update with bug fixes, and you may not have noticed that a small setting is no longer present in the iPhone app. You used to be able to disable autoplay for videos, but now the only video options are for sound and preloading over Wi-Fi-only.

The change may not seem that significant at first, but when you consider that Instagram is about to introduce video ads, it makes more sense.

Instagram told Engadget that “it disabled the option due to “confusion” from users regarding what clips will play with sound,” but it just so happens that the decision is also a nice bonus for potential advertisers. Who wants to sell video ads to people when they could just disable them with a quick toggle?

Instagram Brings Photo Straightening To Android, Better Sound Controls For iOS


Instagram announced new versions of its app on Android and iOS are now available. The Android 4.2 update adds the intelligent photo straightening tool that iOS users have been enjoying for a few months now.

The iOS 4.2.1 update doesn’t contain any major new features, although Instragam did add new settings that let you mute the playback of video with your ringer switch, or leave it always on. You can also choose to preload videos over Wi-Fi only or leave it always on as well. Unfortunately, there’s still no slo-mo support.

The free updates are available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Microsoft Wants HTC To Make Smartphones That Run Both Android & Windows Phone


Microsoft is trying to persuade HTC to make new smartphones that run both Android and Windows Phone, and it’s willing to cut or eliminate its own license fee to make it happen. The software giant is hoping the move will encourage consumers to try out the Windows Phone platform and eventually make the switch to it — but could the scheme backfire?

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“Occasional” Photo & Video Ads Coming To Instagram In Next Couple Months


What you’ve always dreaded is about to come true. Get ready for ads in your Instagram feed.

Facebook’s photo sharing giant confirmed today that photo and video ads are indeed on the near horizon. Expect them to “occasionally” start appearing within the next couple months.

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Facebook Now Lets Android Users Edit Status Updates After Posting, iOS Coming Soon

facebook mobile apps

Facebook announced this afternoon that Android and web users will now be able to edit status updates after they have been posted, meaning you can finally cleanse your status update masterpieces of careless typos without losing your cherished likes, comments and shares.

The new feature should be live on the web and Android versions of Facebook later this afternoon, but iOS users will have to wait a short while before it hits iPhones.

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Instagram for iOS 7: Call That An Update? [Opinion]


There’s a funny fact in the world of iOS apps: Whereas one-man shop can manage to have a radically new version of its app available day and date with a big iOS update, giant software companies seem to take years to get things done. Spotify took (literally) years to come up with a ho-hum iPad app, and Instagram still isn’t on the iPad. One can only assume it will never be designed for the tablet.

And speaking of Instagram, this new iOS “update” is a sham.

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