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Facebook Now Lets Android Users Edit Status Updates After Posting, iOS Coming Soon

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Facebook announced this afternoon that Android and web users will now be able to edit status updates after they have been posted, meaning you can finally cleanse your status update masterpieces of careless typos without losing your cherished likes, comments and shares.

The new feature should be live on the web and Android versions of Facebook later this afternoon, but iOS users will have to wait a short while before it hits iPhones.

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Instagram for iOS 7: Call That An Update? [Opinion]


There’s a funny fact in the world of iOS apps: Whereas one-man shop can manage to have a radically new version of its app available day and date with a big iOS update, giant software companies seem to take years to get things done. Spotify took (literally) years to come up with a ho-hum iPad app, and Instagram still isn’t on the iPad. One can only assume it will never be designed for the tablet.

And speaking of Instagram, this new iOS “update” is a sham.

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Instagram For iOS 7 Now Available With Redesigned Interface

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 3.42.05 PM

Instagram for iOS 7 is finally here. Today the app received its first big update for Apple’s new OS, and the interface has been given a fresh coat of paint to match the iOS 7 aesthetic.

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Burberry Puts iPhone 5s Slow-Mo Video On Full Display At London Fashion Show [Video]

Touch ID is getting a lot of the attention among the iPhone 5s’ new features, but Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey has been obsessing over one Jony Ive’s other new additions to the iPhone 5s: Slow-mo.

Apple and Burberry teamed up for fashion week in London and shot Burberry’s entire Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show using nothing but the iPhone 5s for video and photos, the results of which are pretty damn impressive. Slow-mo makes a number of appearances in the full video posted below as the camera switches from 120FPS and then back to 30FPS with relative ease while recording. Pretty spectacular for a mere smartphone.

Instagram is going to be flooded with millions of half-assed slow-mo videos in just a few short days, but Burberry posted a couple of short slow-mo clips to Instagram as well that you can check out below :

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Grove Will Print Your Instagrams Onto a Beautiful Maple iPhone Case


It’s hard to argue with the awesomeness of Grove’s Wood Print case, a maple shell for your iPhone 5 with one of your own Instagrams printed on the back. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Facebook Figures Out A New Way To Annoy: Autoplaying Videos (And Video Ads)


Get ready for a whole new way for Facebook to make navigating through your feed on your iPhone hell! Facebook is preparing to launch auto-playing videos in your News Feed… and, yup, they’ll eventually be available to advertisers.

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Kicksend: An Awesome Way To Share Digital And Physical Photos With Anyone


When Apple introduced Photo Stream to iCloud back in 2011, the Cupertino company made it incredibly quick and easy for its users to share their favorite photos with their friends and family without syncing them to their computer first. But Photo Stream has a downside, and that is that it’s only available on iOS.

Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome alternatives with cross-platform support, and one of those is Kicksend. Not only does Kicksend let you share photos with friends — regardless of the smartphone platform they choose — but it also lets you print and send real photos to those who don’t have a smartphone at all.

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Thanks, Facebook: Ads Are Coming To Instagram In 2014


Quick, tell me what you thought when Facebook bought Instagram last year. Your first thought — more of a feeling, really — was probably an impending sense of doom, as if a planet with the face of a demon had just been announced to be hurtling towards Earth. But after that passed and you realized Facebook buying Instagram wasn’t going to be the end of the world, my guess is you mostly just shrugged and said, “I wonder how long it will take them to mess it all up with ads.”

Well, Facebook is taking it slow. In fact, seventeen months after they first purchased Instagram, they’re only now starting to talk about how they’re going to mess it all up with ads! Thanks for the restraint, Facebook.

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How Instagram Intelligently Straightens The Wonky Photos Taken On Your iPhone


There’s a nifty image editing feature inside Instagram for iPhone that helps you quickly straighten out wonky images before you upload them. It’s fast, and it seems to do a great job of straightening out your photo without any manual tweaking.

That’s thanks to Instagram’s intelligent correction technology, which uses data captured by your iPhone’s internal sensors to establish the orientation of your device when your image was taken.

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Vine User Base Ramps Past 40 Million

Twitter’s video sharing app, Vine, has been overshadowed by the addition of video to Instagram, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people from signing up for Vine. Vine announced this afternoon that it just hit 40 million registered users today — a huge jump from the 13 million users it announced in June.

The launch of Vine’s Android app in June is likely one of the main contributors to the recent boost, but Twitter hasn’t said how many of its users are on Android, or how are even active., but with amazing videos like this, it looks like Vine might be hard to kill.