Instagram tests another feature ripped straight from Snapchat

Instagram tests another feature ripped from Snapchat


Instagram makes sharing Stories simpler.
Photo: Instagram

Instagram’s assault on Snapchat continues, with the photo sharing platform now testing its own take on Snapcodes. Customizable “Nametags” make it easier for users to share their account name using their favorite emoji characters.

Snapchat introduced Snapcodes in 2015 as a way for users to easily share their profile without having to type out their username. Others can point their phone at the Snapcode to quickly add that user as a friend. Now Instagram is getting its own version.

Instagram Nametags enter testing

Nametags give users the ability to create their own tag using their favorite emoji. Instagram also offers the option to include your face. You can access them from your profile page inside the Instagram app, but only a handful of users have early access to the feature for now.

Once you have shared your Nametag, other Instagram users can scan it to quickly find your profile. The short clip below, shared by Genady Okrain, shows how Nametags can be created.

Instagram has adopted a number of Snapchat’s features in an effort to maintain and grow its already mammoth user base, including Stories, which made Snapchat so successful. Instagram Stories now boasts a significantly greater number of active users, while Snapchat has been shrinking.

Instagram is yet to make Nametags official, so we don’t yet know when the feature will be available to everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for an Instagram update in the App Store.

Via: PhoneArena