Instagram will ban plastic surgery face filters


plastic surgery face filter on Instagram
Teresa Fogolari created a filters called "Plastica."
Screenshot: TeresaFogolari/Instagram

The company that makes face filters for Instagram will soon remove all filters that offer AR plastic surgery.

The new policy will be welcomed by body-positive activists and mental health professionals who believe social media is feeding a rise in body dysmorphia. They point to anecdotes from cosmetic surgeons who get requests from patients to match the look created by so-called beauty filters.

Instagram steals from Snapchat for new Threads app


Instagram has yet another standalone app.
Photo: Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram launched a new standalone app today that pretty much steals some of Snapchat’s key features.

Threads, rolling out globally to iOS today, is built around Instagram’s Close Friends feature, giving you a quicker way to message the people you care about on Insta the most.

How to post to Instagram on your Mac


Post photos direct to Instagram from Safari on your Mac.
Post photos direct to Instagram from Safari on your Mac.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you know the trick, you can use Instagram on your Mac. And I don’t just mean viewing your timeline in Safari. I mean uploading pictures, adding filters, the lot. What’s more, it’s dead easy. Interested? Here’s how it works.

Instagram will finally let you schedule posts for the future


Instagram lawsuit
Instagram fans have been waiting forever for this.
Photo: Pixabay

Facebook revealed some big updates coming to its tools for creators including one feature Instagram users have been begging for for years.

Post scheduling is finally being adding to Instagram but only for business accounts that are linked to a Facebook page. The feature is being added alongside some other tools for live video broadcasting and analytics on Facebook.

Instagram will hold an intervention with your bully


a same of how Instagram's Restrict tool will work
Instagram adds more tough tools to fight bullying.
Photo: Instagram

Instagram is adding more muscle to fight bullying, including one tool that appeals to a harasser’s conscious.

Instagram has been addressing online harassment over the last couple of years with options to block followers and report offensive items. But for the first time, artificial intelligence will hold an intervention with a would-be bully.

iPhone thief posts selfie on victim’s Instagram


Suspect in a stolen iPhone case posts selfie on victim's Instagram
The best way to get caught with a stolen iPhone is to post a selfie.
Photo courtesy of: Kearny Police Department/Facebook

New Jersey detectives are searching for an iPhone thief who may ultimately aid in his own capture because he posted a selfie on the victim’s Instagram feed.

The Kearny Police Department recently released the above photo asking the public for some Face ID and information that could help them locate the man.