Name your price for a social marketing master class [Deals]


Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, for whatever you want to pay.
Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, for whatever you want to pay.
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Today, digital marketing is one of the largest and most lucrative industries. In 2018, platforms like Google and Facebook have become fundamental to marketing. So if you’re going to be successful at marketing, you’ve got to understand how to master social media.

Instagram Stories is getting a new ‘Type’ feature


Screenshot alerts are coming, too!
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Instagram is taking another swipe at Snapchat with a new feature called “Type.” It allows users to post text to their Stories — without adding a photo or video — and it’s in testing now ahead of a wider rollout. Another Snapchat feature is also on its way.

YouTube is adding Snapchat-like stories for creators


Softorino YouTube Converter 3 makes quick work of videos.
Some big changes are coming to YouTube.
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Stories, the short-video format popularized by Snapchat, is making its way to YouTube.

Everyone from Instagram to Facebook Messenger has already copied Snapchat’s popular, so it should be little surprise that YouTube has decided to get in on the action too. The video platform revealed to creators today that it’s working on a new feature called “Reels” that is a lot like Stores. Only it comes with some major differences.

Instagram might finally get a ‘regram’ button


These Instagram tips will help you connect with photographers who share your interests.
Currating your feed is about to get even easier.
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Reposting your favorite photos on Instagram is about to get a lot easier if a new feature that’s currently in testing makes it out to the public.

Instagram appears to be testing a button that allows users to “regram” button that allows users to share posts to their timeline. There’s no guarantee when the feature will make it out to the public, but it if it does, it could finally mean the end of horrible third-party reposting apps.

Instagram just ‘borrowed’ more features from Snapchat


Instagram 2
Look familiar?
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Instagram is continuing its competition with Snapchat with its latest update, which lets user remix friends’ photos and then send them back.

To use the feature, when you view a photo message from friends, hit the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and capture a reply. Your reply then contains a sticker of the original message, which you can then move and resize, or add additional stickers, text, and drawings to.

Here’s how to post to Instagram from your Mac


post to Instagram from computer
Windowed is a free app that fakes out Instagram so you can post from a computer.
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Instagram doesn’t make it easy for photographers to post pictures from a computer. However, a new computer app can fool the popular photo-sharing platform by mimicking a mobile browser.

Windowed is free and makes posting photos directly from a Mac or MacBook as easy as it is from your iPhone.