Instagram wants to tap out on infinite scrolling


Instagram lawsuit
Instagram is using a new tool to combat bots that generate fake likes – lawsuits.
Photo: Pixabay

The days of scrolling through your entire Instagram feed may soon be coming to an end.

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to move through posts by tapping on the screen. The feature works similar to the way you currently navigate through Stories and could make people spend even more time in the app.

Testing of the new tap-to-scroll feature went into effect earlier this week with a very limited number of users. The move comes after Instagram’s co-founders left the company a few weeks ago because they were tired of interference from Facebook.

According to the NextWeb’s Matt Navarra, Instagram is only testing the tapping feature in the Explore tab for now. There aren’t currently any plans to test it in the main feed at the moment, but that could change if the feature is a success.

Instagram hasn’t said when it plans to roll out the feature to all of its users. We’ve seen some features go from testing to public launch in a matter of weeks though so it could be soon.

Instagram also recently confirmed that it uses activity data from Facebook to determine what to show you in your Instagram feed. Being friends with someone on Facebook could lead to them appearing more in your feed.

Facebook has been integrating more with Instagram over the last few years. The social network also recently revealed that it wants to snatch location data from Instagram in order to serve up better ads in Facebook.