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Enter to win 6 awesome iPhone XS cases [Instagram giveaway]


Protect your new iPhone XS, plus it's on us.
You've already spent a fortune on your new iPhone XS, let Cult of Mac cover the rest literally.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

For the next several weeks, we’re giving away dozens of brand new iPhone XS cases on Instagram. We’re kicking off with a bundle of six sexy cases from Spigen, Urban Armor Gear, and Casemate. The six cases all fit the latest iPhone XS (not the Max), and together are worth a tasty $245.

iPhone XS cases: spigen, casemate, uag
You can win this bundle of six iPhone XS cases from Spigen, Urban Armor Gear, and Casemate.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

We’re giving away six brand new iPhone XS cases — two each from three of our favorite brands: Spigen, Urban Armor Gear (UAG), and Casemate. The bundle includes two rugged cases; two made from leather; a card case; and a retro-themed case that resembles the original iMac.

Spigen goes retro

Spigen iPhone XS cases
Spigen is killing the iPhone case game with contemporary and vintage designs.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

We’re giving away two cases from Spigen: a Classic C1 and a Slim Armor CS.

The Classic C1 is inspired by the iconic iMac G3. It bears a bright crimson, reminiscent of all the vibrant colors of the 2000’s. The translucent exterior reveals all the intricacies of its dual-layered makeup while providing everyday drop defense. Best of all, the case is designed to stay pocket-friendly and ergonomic in every grip.

I recently picked up my own iPhone XS last month and, of course, dropped it within the first few days, but not before I slipped it into one of Spigen’s super-retro, limited-edition C1 case. The drop was only waist-high but it still fell hard onto asphalt, banging the corners of my brand new iPhone in all sorts of cringeworthy, slow motion ways.

To my surprise, my phone was completely intact without any scratches. However, I was even more pleased to see my Spigen case also survived without scuffs or chips. Spigen’s air cushion tech — a rubbery insert –makes this case super protective, as well as eye-catching.

The other Spigen case we’re giving away is the Slim Armor CS. It comes with a fully-integrated card holder in the back. It doesn’t just protect your iPhone, but stores your I.D. and credit cards as well.

Urban Armor Gear and protection go hand in hand

Urban Armor Gear iPhone XS cases
Urban Armor Gear upholds protection and style.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

The giveaway also includes two cases from UAG, the Pathfinder SE camo and the crimson Plyo.

UAG has a reputation for making tough, beefy protective cases that offer lots of grip.

In the hand, both the Pathfinder and Plyo cases have a non-slip grip, which you’ll need thanks to Apple’s sleek yet slippery design.

The Pathfinder is smooth with sleek ridges to fit perfectly in the hand while the case itself sports a gray-scale camo print.

The crimson Plyo case has a more pliable feel, making it soft to the touch but just as resistant to impacts.

Stay stylish and safe

Casemate iPhone XS cases
Casemate’s genuine leather cases are only 2mm, but pack a punch in iPhone protection.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

Last but not least, we’ve thrown in two of Casemate’s slim-and-stylish Barely There Genuine Leather cases.

Theses leather cases are great if you want protection but hate the bulk. At just 2mm thick, they are amazingly thin yet offer robust protection. With these cases you’re getting a high-end leather look and feel without any fear of damaging your iPhone.

How to win all six of these iPhone XS cases

To win, follow these dead easy rules:

  1. Hit this link to Enter our Instagram contest
  2. Follow Cult of Mac and the three tech brands featured in this post on Instagram : Spigen, Urban Armor Gear, and Casemate.
  3. Smash that like button on our giveaway post.
  4. Tag a techie friend with an @ in the Instagram post comments.

Cult of Mac will select one lucky winner on Sunday October 21, 2018, 4 p.m. PST.

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