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Amazon App Now Lets You Shop With Your iPhone’s Camera


From quadrocopter deliveries to rumors of a 3D Kindle smartphone coming in 2014, Amazon has been on the cutting edge of tech for quite some time now. The company’s latest update for its iOS app, however, might be among the most fun new developments we’ve seen.

Along with the ubiquitous bug fixes seen in practically every iOS app update, version 3.2.1 of Amazon’s retail app includes a feature called “Flow” which lets users quickly and easily search for products using their iOS camera.

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Drync App Can Recognize Wine Labels When You’re Blotto [Daily Freebie]


Raise a glass, oenophiles — today there’s a new app that’ll let your fuzzy head easily remember that fantastic last glass of wine you had was actually from a bottle of “Emrich-Schönleber Monzinger Frühlingsplätzchen Riesling trocken.”

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