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Here’s What iOS 7 Looks Like On The iPad [Gallery]


We’ve seen a lot of what iOS 7 will look like on the iPhone, but for the past week there has been little info on the iPad version other than this video. The iOS 7 beta for iPad just came out though so we’ve already dug in and started to explore Jony Ive’s vision for the iPad.

Here is what iOS 7 looks like on an iPad:

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This iOS 7 Concept Gives You All The Toggles You Could Ever Need On Your Homescreen [Video]

One thing that we really hope Apple adds to iOS is the ability to toggle certain settings right from the homescreen. There are a number of jailbreak tweaks that let you do it, but we’d love a Cupertino-brewed solution.

Ran Avni has a new iOS 7 concept that solves a lot of the problem with toggles. With his tweak you’d be able to adjust brightness, change songs, turn on Bluetooth or Wifi, and change your device orientation, all from a simple menu on the lockscreen. The UI isn’t perfect, but we’d love it if Apple put something similar to this in iOS 7 so we’d have one less reason to jailbreak.

10 Amazing Jailbreak Screens That Will Make You Drool [Contest Winners]


Last week we asked you guys to show us just how amazing you can make your iPhone look with tweaks and hacks for the homescreen and lockscreen, and boy were we impressed. We received over 100 entries in the jailbreaking contest and pretty much all of them were spectacular.

To celebrate the launch of our new Flickr and Instagram groups, we’re giving the 10 best jailbreak screens a free copy of Kuvva Wallpapers. After some serious deliberation, we think we’ve got some drool-worthy winners.

Here are the 10 most amazing jailbreak screens:

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Apple Designed The EarPods Packaging To Look Just Like An App Icon

Apple Designed The EarPods Packaging To Look Just Like An App Icon

Does the packaging design for the EarPods headphones look familiar? It should.

There’s no denying that Apple’s success with iOS has influenced every aspect of their business, but it goes even further than you might think: Apple’s now even modeling its packaging after iOS app icons!

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