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Cult of Mac Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers [Updated]

Cult of Mac Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers [Updated]

Believe it or not, Christmas is almost here, and we’ll mark this midwinter festival by getting together with friends and family and continuing to drink and eat far too much.

Meanwhile, we also buy gifts for those same friends and family members, whether they want them or not. Luckily, we’re here to help, and if you follow our festive advice, your gifts just might make it into the “wanted” category.

Today, we’re looking at last-minute stocking stuffers. To be honest, if you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you should really be out hitting the malls today. But seeing as you’re here reading this instead, here are a few ideas.

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Best Camera And Photo Accessories [Best Of]

Best of photo stuff

Photo accessories for iPhones and regular cameras.

Best Of Photo Accessories [Best Of]

We have noticed a big crossover between Apple users and camera geeks. And while the iPhone’s own camera continues to get better and better, your old SLR still has some life in it yet. And whatever you shoot with, there are accessories that can perk up your interest or let you catch an otherwise-impossible shot. These are the best of them.

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Our Favorite Rangefinder-Style iPhone Case Just Got Better (And Cheaper)

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Now there really is no excuse not to retro-fy your iPhone

Cult of Mac’s favorite iPhone case for photographers — the Gizmon Rangefinder Case — has just been improved with new functions, plus a leather strap. And what’s more, it’s actually cheaper than it used to be.

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