Insane Samsung invention crosses Galaxy S7 with a surfboard

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No, it's apparently not April 1.
Photo: Samsung

Imagine that you’re in a Samsung team meeting. You’ve been asked to come up with unique ideas for a Galaxy S7 case and, because it’s late in the day and all the good ideas have already been voiced, you start coming up with joke suggestions.

Since everyone seems to love giant smartphones, you quip that some people might like it if you created a case the size of a surfboard. People could even use it for real, since the S7 is water-resistant. You look at the rest of the group, expecting someone to laugh. Your boss doesn’t crack a smile. Then he reaches for his phone and you fear that you’re out of a job.

“I’ve got a member of my team down here who deserves a massive raise,” he says.

How Apple’s smart music tech could push you harder in workouts


Apple's new smart music patent application would fit perfectly within a fitness-tracking device like the iWatch.

If you’re a runner or a gym user, chances are that at some point you’ve put together a workout playlist of some sort, full of the kind of Rocky-esque power ballads you want entering your ears and coursing through your veins as you strive toward physical perfection.

According to a patent application published Thursday, Apple could be looking to take a lot of the pain out of that kind of gain. The application in question deals with a handheld or wearable device capable of controlling the tempo of music so as to affect the mood and behavior of users during exercise.

UP by Jawbone adds new weight management and food score features



Just because people are expecting Apple to revolutionize wearables with its long-awaited iWatch, doesn’t mean that there aren’t already some interesting developments going on in the wearable tech field.

I’m a massive fan of Jawbone, which has just updated its UP by Jawbone iOS app with a new fitness-oriented update — designed to focus on food-related goals, such as weight and calorie intake.

Sensor-filled shirt can tell your iPhone how fit you are


The iWatch may be set to mark Apple’s debut into health and fitness tracking, but one company is taking the concept of wearables a step further.

The forthcoming $199 OMsignal shirt promises to be the gym wear of the future — featuring a ton of health sensors sewn into its fabric, which constantly monitor the condition of the wearer. Sensors are capable of tracking heart rate, breathing rate, breathing volume, movement (including steps and cadence), movement intensity, heart rate variability, and calories burned.

“The data is sent via Bluetooth to a specially developed iPhone app, which lets you see all of it in real time,” says Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz, the firm’s Chief Medical Officer. “Your iPhone beams the data up to the cloud, and algorithms we’ve developed then push back various metrics — showing you information about your breathing during workouts, and information like that.”