There’s plenty of room for retrotastic fun in this 2-bit Cowboy town


Saunter up to the bar, pardner, and we’ll tell you all about our little town here.

We need a sheriff around these parts and you look like you’d fit the badge nicely. Here’s a gun; get out there and collect rewards, shoot wild animals and round up the bad guys.

Oh, and don’t mind the funny green light ’round these parts. It’s just how we get things done.

Turn Your iOS Device Into A Classic Console With The GameDock [Kickstarter]

Turn your iOS device into a classic console with the GameDock.
Turn your iOS device into a classic console with the GameDock.

If you’re reluctant to spend $99 on an Apple TV just to enjoy your iOS games on your HDTV over AirPlay, check out this Kickstarter project for the GameDock by Cascadia Games, the team behind Cavorite for iOS. It plugs into your TV via a HDMI connection and allows you to “play classic games the way they were meant to be played,” in full 1080p. It even has two USB ports on the front so that you can hook up a pair of retro gamepads.

The Best Alternatives to Super Mario Bros On iOS [App Store Roundup]


nes_iphone_mario (1)

I fell in love with Super Mario Bros. when my parents bought me a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) for Christmas as a young boy, and I’ve been obsessed with Super Mario games ever since. There’s nothing that would please me more than having the chunky plumber in my pocket on my iPhone. But since Nintendo refuses to bring its titles to iOS, we’re forced to play the alternatives.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The absence of Super Mario has spawned a number of terrific platforming alternatives that are just as enjoyable. I’ve been enjoying a number of them over the years, and thought it was about time I shared the best of the bunch.