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How To Add Your Facebook Events To Mavericks’ Calendar App [OS X Tips]

Facebook Events Calendar

Unfortunately, Facebook kind of runs my scheduling life. I plan events there, accept events from other folks for parties and recitals and stuff, and–most importantly–keep track of many birthdays that I’ve never really put into my calendar over the years.

The last couple of OS X iterations have required some bit of effort to make the Facebook calendars show up in the Calendar app, though. Mavericks changes that by making it chimp simple to get your Facebook events connected to your Calendar app.

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Get The List View Back In iOS 7’s Calendar App [iOS Tips]

Calendar List View

One of the better ways to see what’s coming up in any calendar is the list view. It’s a handy way to see, at a quick glance, the major events of the next few days.

Unfortunately, Apple has taken this view from its new iOS 7 Calendar app and hidden it away.

Here’s how to get it back.

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Add Facebook Events And Birthdays To Mac OS X Calendar App [OS X Tips]

It would seem as if Apple could make it easy to import Facebook calendars to the built-in Calendar app in OS X Mountain Lion, would’t it? I mean, you can totally import Facebook contacts into the Contacts app. Why not Facebook calendars into the Calendar app?

Well, I wouldn’t even bring it up unless I had found a solution. Here’s how to bring your Facebook calendars to your Mac.

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