How Apple keeps crappy cases off its shelves

Apple won't just let any iPhone or iPad case in its retail stores.
Photo: Apple

Apple put up a new page on its website detailing the qualifications that third-party iPhone and iPad accessory makers must meet before the company will start selling those products in retail stores or online in the Apple Store. It’s not exactly the easiest process to meet Apple’s high quality standards. In fact, Apple now touts that these cases are “tested to the limit” before they make it on store shelves.

Apple’s eighth New York store will open in Queens this weekend

Apple Store
Apple's eighth New York store will open this weekend.
Photo: Erick M./Twitter

If you live in the Queens area of New York you can welcome your very own Apple Store this Saturday — when the latest brick-and-mortar retail store opens at the Queens Center mall.

The store itself is set to be one of the largest mall-located Apple Stores in New York.

This rapper recorded his entire album at the Apple Store

Prince Harvey in his studio, aka the Apple Stpre
Prince Harvey in his studio, aka the Apple Store
Photo: Matthew Narvin/The Daily Beast

Recording a rap album is tough, expensive work. Sure, you can bust out a crappy demo on computer if you can’t afford studio sessions, but when Brooklyn rapper Prince Harvey’s laptop got stolen, he found the next best thing to busting out beats at the library: The Apple Store in SoHo.

Apple Stores allegedly receive first shipments of Apple Watch units


Apple Stores finally have Apple Watch in stock

Still waiting for your Apple Watch pre-order to arrive? It might be time to just cancel your order and head down to the local Apple Store.

Apple Stores have allegedly started receiving their first initial shipments of Apple Watch units for sale through in-store reservations and personal pickup when purchased online, claims a new report.