Apple preparing to open its 33rd store in China


The location for Apple's next retail store.
Photo: Benoy

The Chinese economy may be down, but Apple’s not taking its foot off the gas for a second when it comes to hitting its target of opening 40 Apple Stores in China by the end of 2016.

The country’s 33rd Apple Store is set to open at 10am local time next Saturday, January 31, at the giant MixC shopping mall in Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China.

India may be about to get its own Apple Stores


An Apple reseller in India. Photo: Lawrence Sinclair/Flickr CC
The closest thing India currently has to an Apple Store.
Photo: Lawrence Sinclair/Flickr CC

With the Chinese economy slowing, Apple’s got another heavily-populated country in its sights — with Apple India filing an application to open official Apple Stores with the country’s department of industrial policy and promotion.

“We have just received Apple’s proposal. We are examining it,” said India’s DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant.

Apple starts construction on its first Singapore retail store


Apple's Singapore store is coming along nicely.
Photo: iPhonehacks/Stan

Photos have surfaced online showing work underway on Apple’s first retail store in Singapore.

The photos show that Apple is taking its regular security measures by covering the windows in order to keep the work inside a secret, ahead of the grand opening later in 2016.

Apple Stores to start stocking accessibility products in 2016


Apple's focus on accessibility isn't going unrecognized.
Apple is stepping up its focus on accessibility.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly set to start selling new accessibility-related peripherals and accessories for both Mac and iOS in its brick-and-mortar Apple Stores as well as online.

The accessories, which are reported to be going on sale in the first quarter of calendar year 2016, are designed to help users with disabilities to better engage with Apple products.

$2,000 Phantom speakers will soon haunt Apple Store shelves


From the Apple house to your own.
From the Apple house to your own.
Photo: Romain Salzman/Devialet

Devialet’s Phantom speaker is a ultra deluxe bit of audio gear, and Apple’s about to favor it with some serious retail real estate as the Cupertino-based company places the company from France’s product front and center in select Apple Stores.

If you head to one of them, you’ll see the Phantom starting Wednesday, December 9.

The wireless Phantom has a crazy 3000 watts of distortion-free sound, claims its maker, and starts at a cool $1,990, which makes it a perfect match for Apple’s retail stores, which aim to showcase high-quality items that are worth their high-end price.