Even Apple can’t save America’s dying malls


Apple store
Mall owners might be overpaying to bring Apple to shopping centers.
Photo: Apple

U.S. shopping malls are losing customers at an alarming rate and there appears to be little Apple can do to help save them.

Apple stores are usually viewed as an anchor store for malls because of their high sales volumes and foot traffic they bring in. But a new study found that experimental tenants like Apple aren’t drawing in extra traffic.

Masked thieves steal $20,000 of MacBooks from Apple Store


Tim Cook
Tim Cook has previously shown up at the Palo Alto store to meet customers.
Screenshot: CNBC

Apple’s Palo Alto retail store was targeted by mask-wearing thieves this week, who stole MacBooks worth almost $20,000 in total.

The robbery took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Two thieves, wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts, smashed the glass doors outside using rocks. They proceeded to grab nine Macs, although two of these were dropped during their escape.

Apple drops $99 fee for Data Migration on new Macs


It’s crazy that Apple had this fee in the first place.
Photo: Apple

One of Apple’s most expensive services for Macs is finally getting cheaper. In fact, in a rare move, Apple actually decided to give something out for free.

The company has dropped the price of its Data Migration fee to zero dollars after charging a $99 fee for year to customers that purchased a new Mac and needed help moving data over from their old Mac.

Apple scraps plans for controversial flagship store in Melbourne


Oz new store
The Apple Store that will never happen.
Photo: Apple

Apple has scrapped a controversial plan to build a flagship Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia’s Federation Square.

Apple had been battling to build the store for much of last year. It even scrapped its original designs and came up with new ones, only to have those criticized as well. Government agent Heritage Victoria ruled that the Apple Store would be too “visually dominant.” It also said that demolishing the existing Yarra Building to construct Apple’s flagship store would “diminish” the public space.

Fake iPhone scam costs Apple nearly $900,000


Can you identify the iPhone clone? (The fake is on the right.)
Can you identify the iPhone clone? (The fake is on the right.)
Photo: Gabe Trumbo/MyPhones Unlimited

Federal agents recently busted two college students who allegedly made nearly $1 million by returning fake iPhones to Apple.

Officials charged Quran Juan and Yangyangg Zhou, both Chinese nationals attending college in Oregon, with participating in a counterfeit iPhone scam. The duo reportedly submitted more than 2,000 iPhones to Apple claiming, the devices were broken and wouldn’t power on. The fake iPhones were only worth about $30, allowing the scammers to pocket nearly $600 for each successful return, authorities said.

Apple Store barricade highlights Apple’s obsessive attention to detail


Apple Store barricade 1
How do you get a perfectly smooth wall? It certainly takes a while.
Photo: Cabel/Twitter

Whether it’s ensuring that the back of the original Macintosh looked as good as the front or hand-painting the corners of every single iPhone box to make the color uniform, Apple has always sweated the little details.

The latest example of this kind of obsessive perfectionism? That Apple reportedly insists that the tiny screw divots in its temporary Apple Store barricades are covered up. Because Apple.