Attention hoarders, Apple lifts limits on iPhone, iPad, and new MacBook Air purchases


There are no iPad or iPhone purchases limits
Buy all the 2020 iPad Pro units you want.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The limit on the number of iPhones, iPads and new MacBook Air models each customer could purchase that Apple put into place a few days ago has already been lifted everywhere outside China.

This means any hoarders who have money left after buying every scrap of TP in their town can stock up on Apple devices, hoping the limited supply will make prices skyrocket.

Apple Stores unlikely to reopen March 28; now closed ‘until further notice’


It's not yet clear when they will reopen.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Apple Stores outside of Greater China now look unlikely to reopen on March 28 after Apple on Tuesday updated its notices to read “closed until further notice.”

A banner displayed at the top of the company’s website makes it clear to visitors that its retail locations are out of action for now. Apple insists, however, that it remains “committed to providing exceptional service to our customers.”

Apple extends product return period following store closures


You'll have 14 days after stores reopen.
Photo: Apple

Apple is extending product return policies after it made the decision to close all retail stores outside of Greater China amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In its updated Temporary Retail Store Closures document, the company says customers will be able to return items for up to 14 days after stores reopen.

Shuttered Apple Stores manage preorders, repairs with skeleton staffs

The COVID-19 virus has some 270 Apple Stores in the U.S. and many others worldwide closed like this one in Tulsa, OK.
Photo: Brad Gibson / Cult of Mac

Many Apple Stores across the United States are closed to consumers, but a select number are being staffed to handle pre-existing orders and already-scheduled repair pickups, according to social media posts, calls to selected stores and physical visits.

Cult of Mac was able to confirm 22 stores across the U.S. were manning their locations Saturday with a skeleton staff to finish fulfilling existing orders and repair jobs. Some stores and online agents said locations will be staffed into Sunday and as far out as March 16.

Apple closes all Apple Stores outside China through March 27


Closed sign
Apple is shuttering retail stores to battle spread of COVID-19.
Photo: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

In an unprecedented move, Apple said late Friday it will immediately close all its retail stores outside Greater China in an effort to battle the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The stores will remain closed through March 27.

CEO Tim Cook revealed Apple’s decision to close hundreds of stores late Friday in an open letter-style press release titled “Apple’s COVID-19 response.” He wrote, “This global effort — to protect the most vulnerable, to study this virus, and to care for the sick — requires all of our care, and all of our participation.”

Apple to limit public trying on Apple Watch & AirPods at stores to stop coronavirus spread


Want to try on an Apple Watch or AirPods at an Apple Store? It might now be at your own risk.
Photo: Elago

Apple has told its retail store employees worldwide not to recommend customers physically try on an Apple Watch or in-ear AirPods, in an effort to cut down on the spread of coronavirus.

Customers can still ask to try on ‌the products, but employees have been told not to offer the opportunity, according to a published report Wednesday.

New Apple Store protocols attempt to reduce spread of coronavirus


South Korea2
Apple is doing its part to avoid spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly introducing new measures at Apple Stores designed to help avoid the spread of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

According to a report by Apple Insider, Apple Stores will be limiting the number of customers who can enter its retail stores at any one time. It is also reducing customer seating by half, and introducing “social distancing” protocols in which employees are asked to stay three feet away from customers and each other.

Shareholders meeting reveals Apple Store coming to India; Cook labels coronavirus ‘a challenge’


steve jobs theater
Apple shareholders gathered at Steve Jobs Theater today for their annual meeting.
Photo: Apple

Apple hosted shareholders for an annual meeting Wednesday, and it was seemingly business as usual. CEO Tim Cook said the company will open its first Apple Store in India this year. He explained why Apple’s streaming service passed on a Friends reunion. He defended Apple’s role in FBI investigations when asked to retrieve iPhone data.

But the tech giant finds itself at an unusual moment in its history with a deadly coronavirus in China that halted business travel, crippled manufacturing, closed all 42 Apple Stores in the country and forced Cupertino to pull back on its March-quarter revenue protections.

Police hunt men who robbed 2 Apple Stores within 30 minutes of each other


A security camera image from the Mayfair Apple Store in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, shows alleged thieves in action.
A security camera image from the Mayfair Apple Store in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, shows alleged thieves in action.
Screenshot: CBS 58

Wisconsin police are on the hunt for three thieves who stole $17,000 of merchandise from Apple Stores.

Two robberies took place January 30, within half an hour of each other, at Apple Stores in Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa and Bayshore Town Center in Glendale. Those locations are approximately 20 minutes’ drive from one another.

Beijing Apple stores reopen with temperature scans and free masks


Apple stores in China are taking coronavirus concerns very seriously.
Photo: Eunice Yoon/ CNBC

Apple retail stores in Beijing are taking customers’ temperatures and requiring them to wear surgical masks as the area tries to normalize amidst the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Five Apple stores in Beijing reopened their doors with limited hours today after being closed since last month. CNBC senior correspondent Eunice Yoon posted a video from one of the newly reopened stores and the inside is shockingly empty.

Take a look at the entrance process: