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Apple Store hands out $200 gift cards during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale


Apple Store Black Friday Deal
The Apple Store Shopping Event runs through Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s own Black Friday/Cyber Monday special offers bundle gift cards of up to $200 with selected products. There are bargains on these devices available from other retailers but some prefer to buy straight from Apple.

The Apple Store Shopping Event started on November 24 (Black Friday) and runs through November 27 (Cyber Monday).

Apple extends its product return window for the holidays


Apple's Online Store in the US
Apple Store's extended return period for the holidays is now live.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s extended return window is now live in the US, Japan, Turkey, and several other countries. Under this policy, customers get a longer duration to return Apple products.

Typically, Apple provides a 14-day return period for its devices in most markets worldwide.

Apple opens its 56th retail store in China


This is Apple's first store in the city of Wenzhou.
This is Apple's first store in the city of Wenzhou.
Photo: Apple

Apple previewed its 56th retail location in China Thursday, saying Apple MixC Wenzhou will open to customers on Saturday as the company’s first in that city of more than 9 million people, and its fourth in Zhejiang province.

The iPhone giant also emphasized the new store’s accessibility and sustainable design incorporating plan-based materials.

Apple’s online store goes down ahead of ‘Scary Fast’ event


Apple store is down just before the start of the Scary Fast event.
The online Apple store is down just before the start of the Scary Fast event.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Apple’s online store has gone down ahead of its ‘Scary Fast’ event this evening. It is typical of Apple to take down its online store before major product launches, but this usually happens hours before. This time it was mere minutes.

This will likely be the company’s last product launch event for 2023.

Apple Stores will soon wirelessly update unsold iPhones without opening the boxes


iPhone 15 and 15 Plus review: Pro features for less
The next iPhone you buy from Apple's store could be running the latest iOS release.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple has developed a new way to wirelessly update iPhones in its retail stores without opening their boxes. This will ensure all iPhones sold are running the latest iOS release.

Apple could roll out the technology to its retail stores before the end of the year.

iPhone 15 Pro demand overwhelms Apple [Updated]


The Pro lineup color choices.
The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are already in short supply.
Photo: Apple

Anyone who even slightly delayed ordering the new iPhone 15 Pro models when they went on sale Friday morning faces a lengthy wait for their devices to be delivered. The delays extend into November for some handsets and configurations.

In addition, problems marred the preorder process via the online Apple Store, possibly due to high demand for the new titanium Pro phones.

Do this now to ace your iPhone 15 preorder


Apple iPhone 15 Pro preorders
Get ready to order an iPhone 15.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 15 series goes up for preorder on Friday, and Apple’s latest and greatest handsets might sell out quickly. You need do some early prep work to be sure to get your hands on the iPhone 15 Pro Max or the other models as soon as possible.

Here’s how to be completely ready to put in a preorder.

Apple’s online store goes down ahead of iPhone 15 launch event


Apple Store down ahead of iPhone 15 'Wonderlust' event
Apple's online store is down for the next few hours.
Screenshot: Rajesh
Wonderlust 2023

Apple took down its online store this morning ahead of the “Wonderlust” event scheduled for later today. The company should announce the iPhone 15 series, new Apple Watch models, and more at the event.

Over the last decade, the company typically has taken down its online store ahead of major product launches.

Apple purchases help support US national parks


Help keep national parks going with your next Apple purchase. And there's an Activity Challenge, too.
Help keep national parks going with your next Apple purchase. And there's an Activity Challenge, too.
Photo: National Park Foundation/Jeremy Wade Shockley

The U.S. National Park Service turns 107 on Friday. And, as usual, Apple is running its donation campaign to the National Parks Foundation to celebrate.

Each purchase made with Apple Pay in the Apple Store and on Apple sites through Sunday, August 27, donates $10 to the National Parks Foundation.