Apple Store celebrates Heart Month with new health events


Apple Watch Meidcare
The next event is on February 21.
Photo: Apple

Select Apple Stores around the United States are hosting new health events throughout February to celebrate American Heart Month.

The first took place at Apple Union Square in San Francisco on Monday and featured Apple vice president Dr. Sumbul Desai, fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins, and president of the American Heart Association, Robert Harrington.

Apple throws in the towel on plans for flagship store in Stockholm


The Apple Store that will never be.
Photo: Feber

Apple has reportedly ditched ideas to develop an Apple store in Stockholm, Sweden. This came after the Stockholm City Council vetoed plans for a proposed flagship retail store in the area.

According to a member Stockholm Urban Development Committee, Apple representatives were extremely upset after their proposal was rejected. The company had already made revisions to its proposal in order to fit the proposed historic location better. Apple also turned down officials who said they would help find a new location for the Apple Store.

Tim Cook hypes up new retail boss in email to employees


Apple’s new Senior Vice President of Retail + People Deirdre O’Brien with Tim Cook.
Apple’s new Senior Vice President of Retail + People Deirdre O’Brien with Tim Cook and her predecessor, Angela Ahrendts.
Photo: Apple

Apple‘s CEO told his employees that the company’s new head of retail sales is “one of Apple’s most passionate and experienced advocates for our customers and employees.” Tim Cook also highlighted Deirdre O’Brien’s previous experience with Apple retail operations.

These comments came in an email sent this morning to retail emplyees.  The full text of this is now available.

Australian Apple Store customer blasts bad experience


The screen really is beautiful.
Customer went into Apple Store to buy an iPad cover.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple Stores are known for their high level of service. An Australian dad begs to differ, however, based on his reported experience in a Sydney Apple Store recently.

Specifically, he claims that he was given a hard sell on using Apple Pay on his iPhone. Despite not wanting to use the service, he reports feeling patronized and — worse — as though the store was refusing to let him pay for his product in any other way.

Apple names new retail boss as Angela Ahrendts exits company


Angela Ahrendts.
Angela Ahrendts at the iPhone X keynote.
Photo: Apple

Longtime Apple retail boss Angela Ahrendts is leaving the company after reshaping Apple’s online and retail strategies over the last five year.

Apple revealed today that it has named Deirdre O’Brien as the new senior vice president of Retail + People. Ahrendts, who was once looked at as a possible successor to Apple CEO Tim Cook, is leaving the company for new personal professional pursuits.

Apple could be planning another New York retail store


Apple hardware
Apple is close to finalizing a new real estate deal.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple is in “advanced talks” to lease space in the prestigious Hudson Yard complex in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

The almost-completed 55 Hudson Yards office, which is part of the largest private real estate development in the United States by square footage, is home to hedge funds, major law firms… and, very soon, probably Apple, too.

Apple’s big glass cube set to light up Fifth Avenue soon


Fifth Ave store
Angela Ahrendts giving a sneak peek of the new Fifth Ave store.
Photo: Apple

The most iconic Apple store in the world is finally getting ready to reopen its doors.

Apple’s glass cube store on Fifth Avenue in New York City has been temporarily closed for over two years, but according to the property company Apple leases the land from, construction on the store’s expansion is nearly done.

Federation Square officials try again to make Melbourne Apple Store a reality


Oz new store
The original, now abandoned design for Melbourne's flagship Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

A fresh attempt is being made to demolish Federation Square’s Yarra Building in Melbourne, Australia to free up space for a proposed flagship Apple Store.

The application has been made by the square’s management, which argues that the building to be demolished is not in keeping with the other building designs in the precinct.

Today at Apple adds 50 new sessions in expanded formats


The Apple store is great place to learn about apps.
The Apple store is great place to learn about apps.
Photo: Apple

Apple is expanding its slate of Today at Apple sessions with 50 new classes that offer free educational experiences for iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Today at Apple first started at Apple store in 2017, providing 18,000 free sessions a week that have been attended by millions of people around the world. With the new sessions, Apple is expanding on its most popular sessions, giving participants more opportunities to create and explore with their products.

Angela Ahrendts: How Apple Stores have defied the retail odds


Angela Ahrendts.
Angela Ahrendts has a definite vision for Apple Stores.
Photo: Apple

The retail sector is in trouble — with almost 10,000 stores in the U.S. having closed their doors in the U.S. since 2017. Apple’s solution? Make shopping into an experience for customers, rather than just a place to spend money.

That’s the theory laid out by Apple’s retail VP Angela Ahrendts in a new interview for Vogue Business. In it, Ahrendts lays out her Apple Store philosophies as pertain to both customers and employees. It certainly seems to be working!