Apple re-closes retail stores in Melbourne, Australia after coronavirus spike


Apple Chadstone store
Apple Chadstone is one of the stores to re-close.
Photo: Apple

Apple is re-closing four more of its Apple Stores in Melbourne, Australia as coronavirus cases spike again in the region.

Apple Chadstone, Apple Southland, Apple Doncaster, and Apple Fountain Gate will all be temporarily closing down, along with Apple Highpoint, which closed its doors last week. Australian Apple Stores began reopening two months ago, after having been shuttered since March 14.

Apple closes 14 retail stores in Florida as coronavirus cases spike

It's been a challenging year for Apple Stores (and, well, just about everyone.)
Photo: Brad Gibson / Cult of Mac

Apple has closed 14 stores in Florida starting Friday as a result of the increased number of coronavirus cases in the state, Apple has confirmed.

This brings the total number of Apple Stores to be reopened and then closed again to 32 in the United States. Earlier this week, Apple shuttered seven stores in the Houston area following a spike in COVID-19 cases. It has also closed select stores in Arizona, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Apple now lets you trade in Macs for credit at Apple Stores, not just online


Your old MacBook Air might be worth a pretty penny.
The Mac has finally joined Apple's retail store trade-in program.
Photo: Markus Spiske/Unsplash CC

Apple has officially started offering its Mac trade-in program at Apple Stores in the U.S. and Canada. Apple has long offered trade-ins for credit toward a new purchase or a gift card for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Store. However, until now Mac trade-ins were limited to online-only. That meant that people had to mail in their Mac to Apple.

By making this available in its retail stores, it makes it easier than ever to trade your old Mac.

Apple Stores in the UK will start reopening on June 15

Not including those in Scotland and Wales.
Photo: Richard Shrum for Cult of Mac

Apple’s plan to get retail stores back in action will see the reopening of locations in the United Kingdom starting Monday, June 15.

The government confirmed on Thursday that non-essential stores, most of which have now been closed for as many as three months, could begin reopening next week — provided they follow COVID-19 safety measures.

Apple is expected to open all stores in England and one in Northern Ireland first. Another five in Scotland and Wales must wait.

Apple Park staff will begin returning to work on June 15


Apple Park overhead.
But most employees won't return for months.
Photo: Apple

Apple Park staff have been told that they will begin returning to work in phases starting Monday, June 15, a new report claims.

A “very limited” number of workers will be allowed in the office on certain days, depending on their role — and there will be restrictions. Apple has reportedly warned employees that most won’t go back for several months.

Apple plans in-store Mac trade-in program


MacBook Pro
Done with your old Mac? Consider an Apple trade-in.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly will soon begin allowing customers to trade in their Macs at its retail stores. Shoppers will supposedly have the option to apply the money toward a new Mac or other device, or to a gift card.

Dig these Apple Watch Sport Bands in bright new colors


Apple Watch Sports Band in four fun new colors.
Apple Watch makes swapping out bands a snap. There are four new colors to enjoy.
Photo: Apple

Summer is here, and there are four new colors of the Apple Watch Sport Band to brighten up your wrist for the new season. New options launching Monday include Seafoam, Vitamin C, Linen Blue and Coastal Grey.

How Apple tries to strike fear into the hearts of iPhone thieves


Latest iPhone was 1 out of every 10 smartphones sold in US last quarter
A message warns thieves that stolen iPhones are being tracked.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iPhones on display in Apple Stores run special software that renders them useless to thieves when removed from a store. Until now, however, we haven’t had a clear glimpse at what this antitheft measure looks like.

That changed over the weekend as one person displayed an iPhone seemingly taken from a looted Apple Store in Philadelphia. Here’s what the message says.