Art Gensler, architect who helped create Apple Store, dies at 85


Apple Store
One of the many iconic Apple Stores Gensler had a hand in.
Photo: Apple

Art Gensler, the pioneering American architect who founded the world’s largest architectural firm and played a key role in the iconic look of Apple Stores, died Monday at the age of 85.

To try and distill Gensler’s career into “he helped create the Apple Store” is doing him a big disservice. His firm, founded in 1965, operates in 50 countries and produces an annual revenue of $1.5 billion. Nonetheless, for Apple fans, his work on Apple Stores is one of his many indelible contributions.

And he once got fired by Steve Jobs for it.

Wait for 2021 iPad Pro stretches out months


Wait for 2021 iPad Pro stretches out months
Demand for the 2021 iPad Pro far outstrips supply.
Photo: Apple

Order the 12.9-inch version of the 2021 iPad Pro today and it won‘t arrive before late June. And maybe not until July. Apple started taking pre-orders for the first M1-powered tablet on Friday, and anyone who didn’t move quickly could wait almost 10 weeks for the device.

The delay is apparently caused by the new mini-LED screen.

How to preorder a new iMac, iPad Pro or Apple TV the right way


How to preorder a 2021 iMac
Be ready for Friday morning.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s colorful new M1-powered iMacs, the new iPad Pros (also with M1 chips) and the faster Apple TV 4K go on sale Friday. If you want to ensure you get yours on launch day, you need to get ready to preorder the right way.

Check out our preorder tips before this new Apple gear goes on sale at 5 a.m. PDT on April 30.

Some iMac colors won’t make it to Apple Store shelves


M1 iMac color options
You won't be able to say hello to all of them in store, though.
Photo: Apple

The redesigned M1 iMac marks the first time in about 20 years that Apple will sell its desktop Macs in multiple color options. But don’t expect to find all of them on display in your local Apple Store.

According to a press release published Thursday by Apple, only the green, pink, blue and silver iMacs will be available through physical Apple Store locations. To get your hands on the orange, yellow and purple color options, you’ll have to order online.

And so it ends: iMac Pro disappears from Apple’s website


iMac Pro is gone with the wind.
It’s no longer possible to buy a new iMac Pro from the online Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

Two weeks after Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, the company pulled the powerful all-in-one desktop from its website Friday.

The computer hadn’t been updated in three years and there have been no reports of a new version in the works. This may be the last iMac Pro … just as it was the first.

Apple store policy let staff ‘surprise and delight’ customers with free replacements


China iPhone sales
I'm guessing Tim Cook would qualify for "favored customer" status.
Photo: Apple

Apple store workers have a certain number of freebies they can use to “surprise and delight” unsuspecting customers, according to an ex-employee whose video about the supposed policy went viral.

“People would come in with like water-damaged phones and you’re not allowed to replace those without a fee,” TikTok user @Tanicornerstone says. “However, the geniuses used a ‘surprise and delight’ to be able to give somebody a free replacement.”

Pro tip: Customers who come off as jerks need not apply for such special treatment.

Rejoice! Every US Apple store is open again


Fifth Avenue Apple Store
The Apple store is back in the US.
Photo: Apple

All 270 Apple retail stores in the United States opened on Monday. Many had been shuttered for months during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not any more.

This is a boon not only for shoppers but for those looking for repairs and tech support for their Mac, iPhone or other Apple gear. But don’t jump in the car quite yet.

Apple products get double the space in Target stores


Target trolleys in store
Shopping for Apple gear in some Target stores across the U.S. will soon be an easier process.
Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

Many Target stores will become better places to buy Macs, iPhones and other Apple products. In a deal announced Thursday, there’ll be twice as much space dedicated to the devices in these locations, and Target employees will get additional training on using them.