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Choose The World Clock Style You Want In iOS 7 [iOS Tips]

World Clock Style

The clock app in iOS 7 is pretty straightforward. There’s an alarm, stopwatch, timer, and a world clock. The latter allows you to add any number of cities to your list and your iOS device will tell you the time in each city. You can rearrange them into any order you like with a quick tap on the Edit button in the upper left. To add new cities, simply tap the plus button in the upper right.

The world clock defaults to an analog representation of the time to the right of each city. We can fix that.

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Moleskine Notebook Transforms Into Analog Camera Accessory For iPhone

It’s hard to see why the folks at Barcelona-based Honest&Smile built this crazy contraption into a Moleskine notebook, but that doesn’t make it any less neat — after all, Doc Brown built a time machine into a DeLorean. When closed, it looks like any other overpriced book of blank paper. When opened, it reveals a kind of analog Instagram playground.

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Analog For Mac Gets Analog Camera’s New Filters, Goes On Sale For $4.99


Analog for Mac from Realmac Software has today received all of the pretty filters that were introduced with Analog Camera for iPhone last week. It has also been reduced to just $4.99 until Sunday evening.

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Realmac Software Announces Analog Camera App For iPhone


Realmac Software, the creators of Clear, today announced Analog Camera for iPhone, a brand new camera app that’s coming to the App Store soon. Just like Realmac’s Analog app for Mac, the iPhone version will offer “stunning filters”¬†and a fluid user interface that’s “incredibly easy to use.”

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The Audojo Case Adds Analog Sticks & Triggers To Your iPad [Kickstarter]


I love gaming on my iPad, but for certain titles, virtual controls just don’t cut it. First-person shooters, fast-paced platforms, and even sports simulators are much better with physical controls. And there are plenty of them for iOS devices, but the Audojo for iPad could be the most convenient.

It’s a case with built-in analog sticks and triggers that turns your iPad into a real handheld gaming machine. But there is one thing missing.

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Realmac Software Slashes Up To 65% Off Clear & Other Mac Apps For The Holidays

Realmac Software Slashes Up To 65% Off Clear & Other Mac Apps For The Holidays

Realmac Software, the developers behind Clear and RapidWeaver, have slashed the price of their Mac apps by up to 65% for the holidays. All of their titles are included in the sale, which lasts until January 6, and Clear for iPhone has also been reduced to just $0.99. We’ve got a complete list of the apps on sale below.

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Impossible Project’s Analog Instant Camera Works With iPhone

Instant lab 2. Photo by Andreas Schimanski

At one time, deep back in the swirling mists of time, Polaroid was like the Apple of photography, not only making the best stuff but also inventing new ways to do things. Now, the brand is nothing but a label slapped onto a bunch of crap by the current owner.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing amazing going on in the analog instant film world. Take a look at the Impossible Project’s FPU (Film Processing Unit), an amazing gadget that marries your iPhone to real, instant analog photos.

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Analog Joystick Works Via iPhone Camera


The Fling controller from TenOne Design (soon to be reviewed) is a great way to add a physical to your iPhone or iPad, just by suction-cupping it onto the screen. This means that it works with any game on your iOS device that uses an on-screen “joystick.”

The downside is that it moves at the worst moments: I have wiped out in more than one GTA car chase this way. But designers at the Keio University in Japan have come up with another idea. A joystick which uses the iPhone’s camera as a controller.

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