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Build Your Own Bitchin’ Custom Guitar Amp On Your iPad With The Bias App

I’m not a guitar amp nut; I have little appreciation for old-and-moldy audio components and purist babble (oh yes, I know! “Vacuum tubes! Blah blah blah!”) But a look at the promo video for Positive Grid’s new Bias iPad app has even me drooling.

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Forget Huge Combo Amps, Vox’s New amPhone Headhphones Are The Lightweight Alternative [Review]

Vox ac30 amphones 1

amPhone by VOX
Category: Headphones
Works With: Anything with a jack hole.
Price: $99

As one who aims to have a daily shred session, I have a love-hate relationship with guitar amps. I love the way they look and sound, especially the vintage ones, but they’re so big and unruly, I often find I’d rather practice without one than head to the lonely room in my house where they reside.

Vox’s amPhones ($99) aim to give you the best of both worlds; the portable headphones plug right into any guitar, amplifying its sound, and include effects like reverb, chorus, and delay. And though they’re built to emulate the sounds of some of Vox’s most popular boxes, they can also be used as regular headphones.

Sounds likes a winning combo, right? I plugged a pair into my best electric guitar to find out.

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Vox Amphones Are Like Little Guitar Amps For Your Ears

Vox’s Amphones is a pretty neat little range of headphones. Named for “amp” and “headphones.” they combine the two. Thus, you just jack the cans direct into your guitar and enjoy various effects as you play.

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Play To The Beat Of A Different Drummer With The AC1 RythymVOX Mini Guitar Amp [Review]

AC1 RhythymVOX ready to gobble down some double A's

"Feed me Seymour!" The AC1 RhythymVOX ready to gobble down some double As.

The AC1 RythymVOX ($60) is more than a little guitar amp you can jam on. Built into its circuits are the drum beats of many popular musical genres, all at the ready to accompany you while you practice or play.

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The Vox amPlug Is A Tiny Guitar Amp With A Sound That Surprises [Review]


Available in different sounding flavors, the Vox amPlug (about $40) is a teensy bit of amp that plugs right into your guitar. Add to that your favorite headphones, and you’re ready to jam-out from wherever you sit.

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