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Cord-protecting Juiceboxx will save you a trip to the Apple Store

juiceboxx-mac-accessory-cord-no-fray - 1

Juiceboxx is a $20 accessory tha protects your Mac charger from fraying.

My MacBook Air’s charging cord was basically destroyed after only about two years of owning it. I just kept putting black electrical tape around it but that only seemed to make it worse. I finally waved the white flag, went to the Apple Store and bought a new charger for a whopping $79. If you’ve been through this before, listen up, because Juiceboxx will help you out.

Juiceboxx is a plastic case that wraps around your MacBook’s power adapter and forces the cord to point straight forward at the base. That way when you need to wrap it up and go, the cord isn’t dealing with the stress of being bent and twisted. More importantly, your cord won’t fray as it tends to do, leaving you with more money in your pocket and one less trip to the Apple Store.

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Why you should buy Amazon’s Echo home hub

The Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo.

Amazon’s Echo — an odd voice-activated domestic hub — just went on sale to the general public. If you’ve got $200 to burn, I recommend it. It’s oddly great — and it gives you a glimpse of the future.

If Apple’s Siri-controlled HomeKit comes close, controlling your home by voice is going to be a lot of fun.

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Shoulderpod’s iPhone grip helps you shoot video like a pro

ShoulderPod's S1 grip is a fantastic addition to your kit.

ShoulderPod’s S1 grip is a fantastic addition to your kit.

So you want to take video with your iPhone, because you realize that it’s a fantastic camera with some great features like slo-mo and time-lapse, and you also know that the best camera for any video or photo shoot is often the one you have with you.

If you’re like me, though, chances are you’re a bit shaky-handed. Or you have big mitts that tend to cover your whole iPhone, and they constantly end up hitting the Sleep button when you don’t want them to.

In short, shooting video with any sort of professionalism or polish is much more easily accomplished with a camera you can grip. That’s where ShoulderPod S1 Pro iPhone Grip comes in.

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These 3-D-printed Apple Watch stands will show off your shiny smartwatch

Apple Watch

Tossing your Apple Watch on the table just doesn’t feel right.

After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your new Apple Watch, it’s hard to justify tossing the device on the table to charge like discarded jewelry. If you’ve got a 3-D printer, it’s easy to class things up by printing out an Apple Watch stand.

These 3-D-printed Apple Watch stands will protect your high-tech timepiece from scratches and, more importantly, provide a platform to show off your new smartwatch to friends and family — even when you aren’t using it.

A variety of 3-D printing files are available to download completely free of charge, and they get the job done just fine. Take a look at some of the best designs out there — all of which cost nothing to download.

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Father’s Day gift guide: 9 ways to make Dad’s day

Any of these great gifts will make Dad's day.

It’s time to get serious about getting Dad a great gift for Father’s Day.

Tick tock! Time’s running out to find the perfect gift for your Dad! Let Cult of Mac’s Father’s Day gift guide take all the hassle out of shopping for pops.

From Apple and audio gear to outdoorsy stuff that will be sure to bring a smile, we’ve rounded up thoughtful gifts at price points high, low and in between to make Father’s Day gift-hunting as painless as possible.

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Retro turntable skips the one feature it really needs

Right at home in any environment.

Right at home in any environment.

You’ve got to love a big, gorgeous hunk of wood, right? The Signature Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable Hi-Fi Stereo System from Electrohome is all that, plus a delicious vintage-styled bag of chips, and it’s almost perfect.

The dark, solid-wood cabinet is like a throwback to your mom’s stereo furniture of the 1960s, with deep grain and resonating power like you wouldn’t believe. Plus, you can play CDs, listen to AM and FM radio stations, and plug your iPhone into the auxiliary input for some modern tune action.

All of this makes for a fantastic package, but there’s one essential thing missing that may have you looking elsewhere for your all-in-one stereo system.

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Putting a case on your Apple Watch might be overkill

Do you really need that much protection for your Apple Watch?

Do you really need that much protection for your Apple Watch?

Let’s be honest — the Apple Watch is already kind of bulky, and most of us aren’t climbing mountains with them on anyway. The craziest I get is maybe leaving it on while I shower at the gym.

For those of you who actually engage in rugged outdoor activity, a case might be warranted. You’ll certainly want to have some drop protection so you don’t get stuck with a shattered watch face.

Seriously, though, a case for your Apple Watch just might be overkill.

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Meet Ingress, your new augmented reality obsession

Hack alien portals in your own neighborhood.

Hack alien portals in your own neighborhood.

I went outside for the first time today. Working at home is an easy way to get a bad case of couchlock, so I like to try and get out for little 15 minute breaks when I can.

Today was a bit different. I downloaded and installed a game some buddies of mine are raving about on Facebook: Ingress.

I launched the app, followed the instructions, and was hooked. What started as a 15 minute walk to try out a new mobile game became a 45-minute obsession as I roamed my neighborhood, looking for portals to hack, collecting XMP particles to power my technological takeover, and finding a little feature of my ‘hood I’d never known about before.

Want to get obsessed about a new game? Want to maybe get in a little better shape? Be sure to download Ingress and see what everyone’s talking about.

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