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Get More Cult of Mac On Your iPad Now That We’re A Zite Publishing Partner


Zite's app now gives you a cool new way to read your daily Apple news


We’re big fans of Zite and the unique way it brings readers new content that they may have never seen. Thanks to Zite’s fancy algorithm, we’ve been introduced to countless interesting stories from sources we never visit. Zite is one of the best iPad apps available that is really trying to change the world around us, which makes us really excited to announce our new partnership with them. Earlier today Cult of Mac was announced as one of Zite’s 9 new publishing partners.

What this means is that now you can load the Zite app and add a special Cult of Mac section that has all of Cult of Mac’s latest news, except rather than having us tell you the most significant news of the day, Zite’s alogrithm will display the stories that it believes are most relevant to what you’d want to read.

Read It Later Becomes Pocket: Gets More Features, Goes Free


If you liked Read It Later, you'll love Pocket. And so will your wallet.

Read It Later, the most popular way for users to save content they find on the web, has just received a new name, stacks of new features, and lost its price tag in a major update released today. Now called Pocket, the new app is free across Android and iOS devices, and delivers a new user interface, video and image filters, favorites, and much, much more.

FLUD Version 2.0 Hits the App Store – Here’s Why You Might Like It More Than FlipBoard



Reading the news on the iPad is one of the absolute best experiences you can have on Apple’s magical tablet device. So when news hit yesterday that our two favorite iOS news reader apps came out with updates, we were pretty stoked. While you probably heard a great deal about the other reader app, we wanted to tell you about the awesome news reader you might be missing out on. It’s called Flud, and it was just completely redesigned yesterday.

Besides sporting a major facelift, what’s spectacular about Flud is its new ability to make reading the news a social experience. Rather than relying solely on an app to recommend websites and content to you, Flud users have the ability to see what their friends are reading in the app and share content back with them rather than spamming their Facebook or Twitter feed with the 15 news stories they’ve read throughout the day. Giving each user the ability to create a “news personality,” Flud aims to change the way we consume news much in the same way that Spotify and Rdio have changed the way we listen to music, by allowing users to inspire and be inspired by others based on what they consume.