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Master Swift 3, Apple’s latest programming language [Deals]


Learn Apple's latest coding language, Swift 3, from the ground up.
Learn Apple's latest coding language, Swift 3, from the ground up.
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If you want to develop apps for iOS, you’ve got to know Swift 3. Apple’s latest and greatest programming language, it’s an essential element for developing for iPhone and iPad.

The Swift 3 Master Coder Bundle will give you the skills you need to develop iOS apps. Broken into four sections, the bundle includes hundreds of lectures and clocks in at 85 hours of training. This is a great resource for aspiring and seasoned coders alike, and right now you can get the whole bundle for just $45 at Cult of Mac Deals.

5 reasons your Apple experience is about to get even more amazing


Watch WWDC as a developer is a completely different experience.
Devs at WWDC 2016 see plenty of under-the-hood tweaks that will ultimately mean big things for users.
Photo: Apple

Most Apple fans don’t start drooling at the mention of speech-recognition APIs, Xcode thread sanitizers, Metal tessellation or Pixar USD model support. However, if you’re a developer, those can be huge game-changers that mean you can make your apps better than ever.

While Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 keynote revealed loads of fresh features coming in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra — including some amazing stuff that should delight iPhone, iPad and Mac owners when the final versions launch this fall — developers watching Monday’s event saw tons of seemingly minor updates that will let them make apps better than ever.

To find out what the little updates could mean for typical users, Cult of Mac asked some of this year’s Apple Design Award winners what WWDC additions they’re most excited about.

Here’s what they told us.