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Microsoft does what Apple won’t and opens up its Windows Store


Microsoft Store
Developers can accept third-party payments without punishment.
Image: Microsoft/Cult of Mac

While Apple fights to maintain its strict App Store rules and its 15-30% cut of all purchases and subscriptions, Microsoft is taking the opposite approach. The company on Wednesday announced major changes to the Microsoft Store that will make it fairer, more open, and more transparent.

Its new Open App Store Principles — which include allowing developers to accept alternative payments systems without fear of retribution — are designed to show that Microsoft (unlike Apple) is committed to adapting to new regulation that promotes competition in app markets.

iTunes arrives in the Microsoft Store after lengthy delay


iTunes Microsoft Store
Windows 10 S users can now enjoy iTunes, too.
Photo: Microsoft

iTunes is finally available to download from the Microsoft Store for the first time.

The release makes it possible for Windows 10 S users, who cannot install applications obtained from third-party sources, to get their hands on Apple’s popular entertainment platform. This version of iTunes is exactly the same as the one available through Apple’s website.

iTunes won’t arrive on Windows Store by 2017


The Windows Store is getting iTunes.
Windows 10 S users still can't get iTunes.
Photo: Microsoft

Windows 10 users hoping for some love from Apple by the end of the year are in for a dose of disappointment.

Apple says it won’t be bringing iTunes to the Windows Store this year. The move comes after Microsoft announced in May that iTunes would be supported on Windows 10 S machines by the end of 2017.

Windows Store proves Apple’s strict guidelines are a necessity


Windows Store movies
Windows Store has an illegal movies problem.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple is often criticized for its strict App Store guidelines that prevent all kinds of titles from being approved. But the state of the Windows Store proves strict guidelines are a necessity.

Microsoft’s marketplace is currently littered with apps that allow users to illegally stream movies and TV shows for free. There’s also a range of titles that provide access to pirated music.