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Pay what you want to learn comprehensive coding for the web [Deals]



A key to being a successful coder is having as broad a knowledge base as possible — the more you know, the better you code. With all the languages, platforms, and frameworks in the web development world these days it can be hard to know where to start, but with the Pay What You Want Web Hacker Bundle deal at Cult of Mac you can get a ground-up tour of the most in-demand tools and techniques any modern coder needs.

Treehouse Web And iOS Development Courses [Ends Today]


You know by now, because I’ve been posting here a good bit, that I’m an educator as well as an author and writer. This means that anything to do with learning catches my eye—especially courses to help people learn new skills. Today we have a deal from Treehouse to get a month of their Gold Plan for $25 so you can learn to code, well, a lot of different things. This is awesome, of course, but what caught my eye about Treehouse is a very cool bonus:

Closed captioning. This wouldn’t have even pinged on my radar if it wasn’t for an email I received from a reader not long ago. Let me tell you about it.