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iPhone survives month in frozen Canadian lake


Don't be a afraid of the water ip68
An iPhone emerged fully functional from the bottom of a Canadian lake.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Canadian Angie Carriere dropped her iPhone into a lake while she was ice fishing. A month later, she retrieved off the bottom of the still-frozen lake. And it works.

Watch a video showing the amazing rescue.

CaliCase lets Cult of Mac readers take their iPhones anywhere – at a 20% discount


CaliCase with lanyard
Every CaliCase comes with a lanyard to keep it safely on your person.
Photo: CaliCase

This iPhone case post is presented by CaliCase.

You never really want to be without your iPhone, do you? And that goes for any smartphone. The precious thing is going to be in your pocket or hand in almost any scenario. But you can keep it on your person in extreme conditions, too, like scuba diving and mountain climbing, thanks to the rugged wares of CaliCase.

After year in watery grave, iPhone packs new feature: barnacles


After year in watery grave, iPhone packs new feature: barnacles
It doesn't work -- but what a conversation starter!
Photo: NBC-2

Apple has worked hard to make its iPhones increasingly waterproof. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your iPhone will survive in any submerged situation.

One example? A recently rediscovered iPhone which had spent a year in the Atlantic Ocean 40 feet under water. The handset was recovered by a scuba diver, who managed to return it to its rightful owner. Most impressive of all? It still wor– no, we’re just kidding: it’s totally busted.

This case makes newest iPad Air and iPad mini waterproof


Catalyst won't let water ruin your iPad.
Photo: Catalyst

Summer might be almost over, but Apple’s newest iPads are ready for the beach — thanks to the ultra-rugged Catalyst case.

Now available for the most recent iPad Air and iPad mini, Catalyst makes your tablet completely waterproof, and keeps out unwanted debris like sand and dust. It can also handle accidental drops.

Team of divers discover working iPhone X at the bottom of a lake


Underwater Hunters
Well, that's $1,000 saved!
Photo: Underwater Hunters

An iPhone survived under water for two days before being discovered by divers in a murky lake in the U.K.

The phone was discovered by a team of professional divers. It belonged to a member of staff at a watersports park in Nottinghamshire. “The screen lit up and he had a missed call from his granddad,” the diver who discovered it said.

Catalyst case makes your 2018 iPad Pro waterproof


You can finally swim with iPad Pro. If you really want to.
Photo: Catalyst

Apple made the iPhone water-resistant years ago, but the iPad lineup is yet to get the same treatment. If you have a real urge to take yours swimming despite this, you need the new rugged case from Catalyst.

With an IP68 rating, the Catalyst case protects your iPad Pro in water more than six-feet deep. It also offers military-grade drop protection.

7 reasons people are keeping old iPhones much longer


Old iPhones
The iPhone 5 might have been Apple’s coolest iPhone design.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple is set to make 5 billion dollars less this quarter than it previously expected. That’s a pretty big deal, and it’s down to two major things. One was an “economic weakness in some emerging markets.” The other was that Apple said it sold “fewer iPhone upgrades than we had anticipated.”

That second one is very interesting. Why aren’t people upgrading? There are two possibilities. One is that they’re switching to Android. The other is that people are holding onto their old iPhones for much longer. Why’s that?

Just how waterproof is the iPhone XS anyway?


Don't be a afraid of the water ip68
Don't be a afraid of the water.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iPhone XS and XS Max both have an updated water-resistance rating compared to previous iPhones. The iPhone X has an IP67 rating, whereas the new models have IP68. But what does that mean? In practical terms, it means you never have to worry about dropping your iPhone in the toilet. But the code actually means a lot more than that.

The best iPhone X cases you can buy right now


Don't let this happen to you.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iPhone X is almost here. Preorders have been taken, so now it’s time to spend the rest of the week until delivery choosing accessories for your new iPhone X.

Unlike the iPhone 8, which fits perfectly into (most) existing iPhone 7 cases, the iPhone X needs new clothes. Here are the best and/or most interesting iPhone 8 cases so far.