This case makes newest iPad Air and iPad mini waterproof

This case makes newest iPad Air and iPad mini waterproof


Catalyst won't let water ruin your iPad.
Photo: Catalyst

Summer might be almost over, but Apple’s newest iPads are ready for the beach — thanks to the ultra-rugged Catalyst case.

Now available for the most recent iPad Air and iPad mini, Catalyst makes your tablet completely waterproof, and keeps out unwanted debris like sand and dust. It can also handle accidental drops.

Apple finally started making the iPhone water-resistant with its 2016 refresh, but three years on it is yet to do the same for the iPad. And that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Sure, you’re less likely to drop your iPad down the toilet, or carry it near water as often as your iPhone. But it would still be nice to be able to use an iPad by the pool without fear of it getting wet.

Thankfully, the Catalyst case makes that possible.

Catalyst case makes iPad ready for anything

Simply stick your iPad inside the Catalyst and it is immediately ready to get wet. The case is IP68-rated for dust- and water-resistance, which means it can withstand water up to two meters deep.

Its rugged design makes the Catalyst great for clumsy iPad owners, too. It promises impact protection from drops of 1.2 meters, and an integrated screen protector that prevents scuffs and scratches.

The Catalyst is transparent front and back, so it won’t hide your iPad’s already gorgeous hardware. And it provides easy access to all buttons and ports so you don’t lose any functionality.

Order your Catalyst case today

If you frequently use your iPad in damp, dusty, or potentially damaging environments, the Catalyst case is a must-have. It could just save you a small fortune in iPad repair bills.

Order yours today for the newest iPad Air and iPad mini for $129.99 and $99.99, respectively. Catalyst is also available for the 2018 iPad Pro, with prices starting at $149.99.