New Apple TV ad taps into Muppet bromance


Apple TV ad Muppets
Apple's betting it's impossible to say no to that face.
Photo: ABC

Apple TV owners can watch ABC on their streaming boxes (with a subscription), and the company isn’t afraid to exploit the undying, platonic love between a bear and a frog to make that fact known.

The latest Apple TV ad showcases the Watch ABC app, which lets existing cable subscribers watch full episodes and live broadcasts of the network’s programming, including The Muppets. The puppet-driven show features prominently in the new, 15-second spot which went live today.

Check it out below:

Watch ABC opens full episode access to all Apple TV users


The next version of Apple TV may allow you to take your viewing with you wherever you go. Photo: Apple
All Apple TV owners now get Watch ABC's full episodes. Photo: Apple

ABC is making life a little bit better for cord-cutters today with the announcement that all Apple TV users will now be able to access full episodes of aired shows.

The Watch ABC app previously required a cable subscription to view all episodes of a season, but starting today every Apple TV owner will be able to watch entire shows of series like Scandal, Modern Family, and How to Get Away With Murder, one week after they air.

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