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Go Hands-Free On A Budget With The Universal Car Mount [Deals]



We’re all guilty of it: the “cellphone-in-the-lap” move while driving. Whether we’re reading directions, sending a text, or talking on speakerphone, we’ve all used our cellphoens in the wrong place (the vehicle) and at the wrong time (while we’re driving said vehicle). Now you can avoid the temptation with the Universal Car Mount – the perfect accessory for any car owner.

Dial your phone, talk, and hang up without ever moving your hands away from the steering wheel. And thanks to Cult of Mac Deals you can get 51% off the regular price of the Universal Car Mount because it can be yours for only $14 during this limited time offer!

Automatic Link Connects Your iPhone To Your Car For Diagnosis, Trip Information & More



The Automatic Link is a new iPhone accessory that’s been built to provide you with all of the important information you’ll ever need to know about your vehicle. It plugs into your car’s on-board diagnosis port, then transmits all sorts of data to an accompanying app on your iPhone.

Not only will Automatic Link help you identify why your “check engine” light is on, but it’ll also give you all kinds of data about the journeys you make, it’ll help you remember where you parked your car, and it’ll help you change your driving style to save gas.

The iPad Allows This Electric Car To Drive All By Itself



Robotic technology developed by England’s Oxford University is working alongside the iPad to enable an electric Nissan Leaf to drive itself. Apple’s tablet is built into the vehicle’s dashboard, and can be used to activate the robotic technology that will take over the vehicle for short stretches.

The clever system, which is designed to take the strain off of drivers during busy commutes, uses small cameras and lasers built discretely into the body of the car that allow it to recognize its surroundings and avoid collisions. 

Apple Forgot To Tell Car Manufacturers It’s Putting Siri Buttons On Their Steering Wheels


Apple demonstrates Siri integration in vehicles at WWDC.
Apple demonstrates Siri integration in vehicles at WWDC.

Earlier this week during its WWDC keynote, Apple announced that nine automakers have committed to introducing a special Siri button into their upcoming vehicles, allowing you to activate your voice-controlled assistant without removing your hands from the steering wheel. However, it seems the Cupertino company forgot to tell some of those manufacturers about its plan.