Thieves rob California Apple Store at gunpoint


Apple Valencia Town Center
The Apple store targeted in the robbery.
Photo: Apple

Thieves robbed the Apple Store in Valencia, California, at gunpoint Wednesday morning.

As customers shopped shortly before 11 a.m., three male suspects entered Apple Valencia Town Center and “began grabbing merchandise,” including iPhones and Apple Watches, police said. One of the suspects brandished a firearm before the gang fled.

The most popular filter on Instagram may surprise you


Instagram filters
X-Pro II is widely used for the drama it brings to a photo. But the most popular "filter" adds no drama at all.
Photo: Iconosquare

Normal is the single-most used filter on Instagram, which means exactly what you think: Normal is not really a filter.

Still, because it lines up alongside Instagram’s 40 native filters, it came out on top, according to a database of 790,000 Instagram users. This is still considered a small sample for a user base that just surpassed 1 billion active users.